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Yat Lok BBQ Goose & Tai Po Market, Hong Kong

Yat Lok BBQ is home to some fantastic Cantonese fare. Credit goes to Anthony Bourdain for this restaurant recommendation.

There are two Yat Lok BBQ locations. One at Hong Kong (Central) and the other at Tai Po. We went to the Tai Po one because Anthony Bourdain has been to that very same restaurant himself. The owner, (pictured to Anthony’s left) speaks English and was very friendly. He helped us decide what to order, even recommending sides.

You’ll find, char siu, soy chicken, sausages, dripping with sauce. But we’ve travelled 40 minutes from Hong Kong CBD for one thing in particular. Roast poultry.

Baby bok choy

Blanched then stir fried in a light soy sauce with ginger and garlic, how can little kids turn up their noses at such tender and crisp greens?

Yat Lok also have roast duck on offer but we’re told that ‘Goose tastes better’ and just like that, our minds are made up.

‘We’ll have an entire goose.’

‘Are you sure? That’s a lot of food.’

‘We’re sure.’

It really was too much food. Yes we over, over, over ordered but that meant I could have it to take away and relive the experience again later that evening.

Roast goose about $30AUD for entire goose

Roast goose tastes different from roast duck. For one, it’s intensely meaty, Yat Lok have marinated it with some wonderful aromatics then BBQ-ed it to perfection and underneath the crispy layer of burnished skin, is a layer of flavourful fat. Another thing, there is a lot of it, but when it seemingly melts-in-the-mouth you don’t mind lapping it all up with glee.

After an incredible lunch, we ambled to nearby Tai Po Market and gawped at the many products, produce and creatures for sale.


I didn’t buy anything as I wasn’t in the mood for fresh turtle, but I wholeheartedly recommend visiting Tai Po market if you’re going to be there anyway. As there’s nothing quite like confronting your optic and olfactory senses with the sights and smells of an Asian market.

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