Valentines Day Surprise 2013

Up until Valentines Day, Ash had been speaking with fervour about how amazing our plans for the day would be but he kept any details tightly under wraps. I wanted to know badly what he had in store, so he dropped a few hints. We had been there before, it was really popular in the mornings and was located south of Mascot. Now he of all people knows I’m hopeless at directions so that last clue was absolutely useless to me but I had a pretty good guess of where he might have been planning.

Brasserie Bread?”
“Damn, I was really sure it had to be that. Then was it that place we had Thai and macarons?”
“Not even close! I’ve made us such a great itinerary and it’s all written down on this piece of paper,” he took out a folded piece of paper from his wallet and placed it back.

I could’ve easily snuck into his room and found out what was on the paper, but I like surprises so left it at that. On Valentines he made me wake up at 6am under the pretence of scoring a table because this mystery place didn’t take bookings. While in the car he kept asking if I knew where we were going yet. I racked my brains and still couldn’t figure it out.

“I have no idea, can’t you just tell me already?”
“Nah it’s going to be a surprise.”
“Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeere?” I whined and whined.
“Alright I can’t wait any longer, we’re going to go to…Hardware Societe!” he exclaimed.
“…But that’s in Melbourne.”
“That’s why we’re heading to the airport!”
“I told you it was south of Mascot, just really really south.”

I loved Melbourne so much the last visit but only spent a day there, so this trip was absolutely ideal, he planned everything, from where we would be having breakfast, lunch, dinner and even included coffee stops. It was an incredibly surprising Valentines gift and I think he is the sweetest boyfriend. (No he didn’t pay me to say that.)

This page links to the individual blog review on each of these places

Day 1:
Breakfast: Brasserie Bread
Lunch: Hardware Societe
Coffee pitstop: Brother Baba Budan
Activity: National Gallery of Victoria visit
Dinner: Purple Peanuts Japanese Cafe 
Activity: Queen Victoria Night Markets

Day 2:
Breakfast: Buffet at the Mercure
Lunch: The Press Club
Activity: Hanging out at Federation Square

Ash's sms to me on public display at Federation Square


Stay well romantic readers!
xx MsBrulee

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