The Pie Tin, Newtown

Some believe in Jesus, Buddha or other deities. I believe in The Pie Tin.

Cheap, wholesome and filling food is my mantra. My revelation comes in the form of a spanking great pie and two sides for only $12. Only. Twelve.  Round off your meal with a dessert pie ranging in price from $6.50 – $8.50 let me tell you they have got it right at The Pie Tin, I’ll begin convincing you as to why you should make a beeline for this rustic looking establishment in the quieter part of Newtown.

This means salvation from unpleasant lunches forever: you can tell I like this place too much 
I’ll have one of everything please 
Tomorrow never pies. You may now cringe at my puns.
Knives and forks are overrated 
Slow roasted beef brisket, hickory smoke & mushrooms
Food. Porn. 

The slow roasted beef brisket makes four ‘n’ twenty look like crying babies in comparison. It is stuffed so full of shredded beef, eating it is like unravelling a never-ending roll of succulently cooked meat. I gave Ash but the one ‘obligatory tasting’ bite and consumed the rest of the beast. I am cavewoman, hear me roar.

Southern style slow roasted shredded pork w/ apple & bbq sauce

I’m a person moved by words so am enamoured to order this by the onslaught of alliteration and my penchant for the combination of meat with fruit. I’d like to point out that not only is the pork slow roasted, it has been slow roasted southern style.  I loved how moist the filling was but thought it a little too sweet though they have a great pairing of flavours within this pie. Boston beans are immersed in a light, sourish tomatoey sauce, chunks of salty, smoky speck are thrown into the mix and it’s a generous serving too. The second side of my choosing is the kumera mash has added honey, which in my opinion it didn’t need.

Butter chicken w/ mashed peas
Fixing dry mashed peas by smothering it in gravy 

The mashed peas are dry and are a bit like dough that has been sitting out too long that is beginning to crumble. We make the conclusion that butter chicken is probably best left outside of a pie as the blend of vegetables and Indian is odd when encased in what is otherwise golden, flaky pastry.

Slow roasted lamb w/ paprika & white beans

Once again I am a slow roasted junkie, who cannot get enough of slow cooked meat. Unsurprisingly, this is another one of the finer pies, depending on what preference you have for the type of meat, will determine which slow cooked variety you will fall for. I’m not a fussy eater so I can’t decide. Choosing is ludicrous anyhow.

Passionfruit cream pie

On the waitress’ recommendation we select the passionfruit cream pie, it has the consistency of cheesecake and I personally could have done with more sourness from passionfruit as it was like eating pure cream. That is but only my preference, some might like their pies this way.

Sweet pumpkin pie $5.80

Heady in spices like cinnamon, the sweet pumpkin pie delivers delectable pumpkin filling and worthy shortcrust pastry to our already satiated bellies.

On the online menu there is a very impressive variety of pies however not all of them are available on the one day, so you’ll just have to scurry on down to The Pie Tin, befriend the lovely staff so they’ll recognise your face and you might get to see what pies they have in the ‘back’ that aren’t on display. Watch out diet, because it’ll be tricky when you’re hankering to return for more pies.


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Opening hours

Mon – Wed: 8am to 6pm

Thurs & Fri: 8am to 8pm

Sat: 9am to 6pm

Sun: 10am to 4pm



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