Chocolate marquise with raspberry coulis $13.90

Sel et Poivre French Bistro – Darlinghurst

Dearest readers, I know I promised to post another entry soon after the Brasserie Bakery post, how I really did try to with so many assignments due, believe me I don’t want to stay up all night critically analysing Appadurai’s (1990) five disjunctures on cultural and global flow :( I’d much rather be blogging, anyhow the first half of uni is over anyway, so I now have plenty of time to catch up on writing the other blog posts, Ash and I visited Sel e Poivre for dinner a few months back and I’ve finally hashed it out in blog for you, do enjoy reading (and gazing) and if you leave a comment I will be sure to reply =D

Please excuse the unfocused photos in this post we weren’t prepared for low lighting, some of these photos took a bit of a beating during the editing process and they look so much better than before.

Salmon, basil and pink peppercorn dip with baguette $12.50

Looking around, some other diners have also ordered this delectable and creamy dip. You can see that there actually are pieces of salmon. We spread this generously over warm slices of crusty baguette and well right now even after a decent dinner I can’t tell you how much I want to be alone in my room with a good-sized bowl of this tasty entree.

Basket of baguette $6.50

The waitress offered more bread to have with the remainder of the dip and we received a basket of baguette! We just wanted a couple of  slices to finish off the salmon, I didn’t think one baguette would cost $6.50 until I received the bill, it was a nice gesture to give us the entire roll but if we don’t finish it and are charged for the entire thing, we should at least be given the rest of it to take home.

Marinated braised beef cheeks with Miramar Cab/Sauv sauce served with frites $25.90

These beef cheeks are melt in the mouth, served in a pool of the richly flavoured braising liquid which veers on the salty side, maybe it’s because of all the bacon in the sauce, which has a rather thick consistency, almost like a gravy and all crispy frites are dunked in any leftover sauce, this dish almost makes me want to keep living in Winter so I get to eat this on a regular basis because the weather is chilly.


Sel & poivre steak tartare served with frites and béarnaise sauce $24.90

The idea of steak tartare used to make me squeamish, not only that but a raw egg yolk too? I can picture my 11 year old self protesting, how can people eat uncooked meat! But thankfully my tastes have evolved and now when having sushi I prefer sashimi over aburi style because I like the buttery taste of raw salmon, plus I believe that the pho (Vietnamese beef noodle soup for those of you who are wondering) experience truly is better when the paper thin slices of beef are left a bit rare. This steak tartare when mixed with the yolk is cool, spiced well and smooth and the béarnaise is a nice match with the tartare.

Special: Chocolate fondant with creme anglaise and vanilla ice cream $13.90

On the specials board is this, this is on their menu online with the exception of the chocolate pudding, I tried a bit of everything on the plate and inside is a gooey chocolatey centre, which pools out onto the plate mixing with everything, how perfect.

Vanilla bean creme brulee $13.90

Good ol’ creme brulee with your eggy curstard and burnt sugar top, not much to say except it was a nice way to end the meal.

As we exited, owner Francois even came outside and bid us farewell with a wave and a massive smile.


Phone: 9361 6530

Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday: 11.00am-late
Saturday and Sunday: 8.00am-late
Public Holiday: Closed

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