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Sadhana Kitchen, Enmore

Sadhana Kitchen only serve food that is raw, vegan and organic. I visited Sadhana Kitchen a while back when they were located next to a yoga centre, and the ingredients used were supplemented by an on-site garden. It’s no longer there, and a new, permanent location has yet to be determined. But it’s since converted into a pop-up and temporarily relocated to Enmore Road in the meantime. I ate here on a Groupon voucher but since the offer has expired, I’ve listed the normal retail price of the dishes alongside.


Graffiti art outside the 'old' Sadhana Kitchen

Superfeast smoothie – to nourish the body, mind and spirit $9.50 Cacao powder, raspberries, goji berries, almonds, maca, coconut oil and shredded coconut

The Superfeast smoothie was chocolatey and had the right about of sweetness. You forget that you are in fact, consuming an entirely vegan smoothie. I definitely recommend this, then bask in the ensuing naughtiness with the thought that you can have your cocoa and drink it too.

Warrior smoothie – to build strength and stamina $9.50


The Warrior smoothie didn’t taste as good as the Superfeast, some strong opinions about protein powder are coming up. Regular protein powder sucks and so does the vegan version. The flavour of the brown rice protein powder was quite distinct and here is where I tell you, that if you do, in fact, like the taste of protein powder, this is the smoothie for you. I’d imagine without the addition of protein powder, a concoction of blueberries, raspberries, banana, chia seeds, coconut oil, mesquite and almonds would taste quite nice and summery.

Chia porridge - regular $10


Whatever liquid dry chia seeds are soaked in, they absorb. White chia seeds have been soaked in almond mylk and actually do mimic the consistency of porridge. Despite being flavoured with cinnamon, maca, mesquite and topped with banana, berries and a spice infused syrup, it was a little on the bland side. It consisted of mostly chia seeds and the bare minimum of fruit, still, it was very filling.


Sadhana lasagne - $15.50

The Sadhana lasagne is fantastic, with layers of zucchini as the ‘pasta’, cultured cashew cheese, basil pesto, walnut mince, wilted spinach and a chunky tomato sauce. It’s so fresh and goes down a treat, and the accompanying salad has a sweet, citrusy dressing. I know it’s trivial to compare vegan food to their meat versions, because the point of vegan food is about eating plants. But this lasagne tasted like it contained genuine beef. I didn’t enjoy it just because it was a great imitation meat, but because it was also very tasty.

We visited Sadhana Kitchen on a Groupon voucher, while it’s rather pricey to dine here frequently, it’s definitely worth trying even if you’re not vegan. I’m not excluding this café in particular on their price, that’s just the case with any organic, vegan and raw establishment.

Sadhana Kitchen on Urbanspoon

Operating hours:

 Monday: CLOSED

Tues – Sun: 8:30 am to 4:30 pm

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