Quay, Circular Quay

It’s my birthday! Well, 7 months ago. Off to a fine dining restaurant then. Somewhere that makes a mean snow egg dessert, ya’ll thinking what I’m thinking? Quay of course! 

I am so excited to finally be blogging the 4 course lunch menu we had for $160pp. It was such a gorgeous meal and I cannot WAIT to go back someday. Have to get myself employed first or eat beans from a tin for two weeks so I can save enough to eat here again. I know, I’d rather get a job first.

An amuse bouche of beetroot, goats curd and rosehip is refreshing. The goats curd, has been treated with some freezing, making it flaky, dissipating upon the tongue.

Saltwater poached quail, takuan pickles, fermented shiitake, salted egg yolk, smoked parsnip, kailan blossoms. The poached quail being moist, the salted egg yolk with a gelatinous texture, the shiitake adding some sourness oh and it’s such a pretty dish.


We gorged ourselves on the beautiful sourdough bread and butter, I normally try to limit myself to carbs so I don’t feel too full for the upcoming courses but I just couldn’t help myself this time.

Raw smoked Blackmore wagyu, horseradish soured cream, fermented rye crisps, raw funghi. The dominant flavours of horseradish sour cream complemented the silky cubes of wagyu, it was such a tasty first course for Ash and myself when I stole a few delectable bites.

Roasted grass fed pure Angus, mushrooms, grains, miso, eggplant.

I cannot say anything more than the steak was cooked perfectly, a rice bubbles-inspired sheet provided crispiness, the accompany vegetables were forgettable but that’s just because I loved the soft, yielding beef.


Salad provided with the beef.

Slow cooked duck, cultured rice and barley,  spring garlic, black garlic. I’ve never been seduced by a plate of food before but there’s a first for everything. When sweet, caramelised garlic and glistening slivers of fatty duck presents itself, you begin to question your fidelity. Luckily for Ash once he finished the tempting offering, things resumed to normal.

Black pudding w/walnut floss, brioche cream, green walnuts & raw mushrooms.

A very dark hued and rich brioche cream, made without the black pudding for Ash, it was still a marvellous dish. I don’t recall the components of this particular dish as well as the others, but similarly, the combination of smooth, crunchy and spongy and textures were wonderful.

XO Sea – five sea textures (octopus, cuttlefish, prawns, clams & scallops; jamon garnish) It’s a bit lazy to just describe something as umami-rich but I’ll try to supplement my description of this dish with more synonyms. The golden broth, poured into the bowl at the last second by the waiter, was heady with the fragrant scent of XO. Each mouthful was like seafood perfection.


Jersey cream, salted caramel, prunes, walnuts and ethereal sheets. This was like a deconstructed chocolate caramel tart, shards of chocolate and caramel glass overlap rich jersey cream. A rich milky pudding with crunch.

Custard apple snow egg

We shared the one snow egg between the two of us simply because we wanted to be able to blog more dishes. I never want to be in that kind of situation ever again. Of course we quarrelled, ‘No sweetie I think you’ve had too much of the snow egg.’ ‘What are you talking about? It’s my dessert.’ Yeah. Cracking open the meringue and maltose ‘egg shell’ reveals a yolk of standout custard apple ice cream sitting on a bed of cool custard apple granita. The end of this dish, absolutely ruined me.

Petit fours inside the pumpkin.

If I could afford it, I would eat like this on a regular basis, and I would relish it every single time.

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