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This month I’m going to try something different, in addition to these mini-posts, I’m introducing a monthly recommends of things to listen, watch and read because this blog is like my digital diary and it feels bloody good to share. Here goes:

Listen: Caroline – Concrete Blonde cover by Paul Dempsey Dempsey is one of those rare vocalists whom you believe every word they sing. You can easily become enraptured in that husky, mellifluous drawl of his. There’s seriously no voice like his.

Watch: Thirsty For…by Tastemade I happened upon this YouTube drinks channel whilst procrastinating, as all great discoveries are made. You cannot run out of ideas for drinks ever again. But if you’re happy to just passively watch, there’s nothing wrong with that when the videos are so well shot and stunning…just stunning…

Read: The Family Law by Benjamin Law. I laughed myself into a six pack with this biography. As a Cantonese-speaking Australian, I found the Asian anecdotes absolutely endearing but I’ve no doubt those of you from other backgrounds will keel over from laughter at each turn of the page.

So those are my monthly non-food-related highlights, here’s the bit about eating and consuming too much for my own good. It features cafes, froyo and Peruvian, Enjoy!

Strawberry X Cafe & Catering, Surry Hills

Gave this Surry Hills cafe a go one morning and had a pleasing breakfast.

French toast + House-made hot chocolate

First thing in the morning, I like nothing more than a mug of something delicious and warming, that isn’t coffee. House-made hot chocolate to kick start the metabolism it is, followed by some handsome French toast with a slick of tart rhubarb compote. Uh oh, have I fulfilled my daily sugar intake already? Rats, then I guess I’ll just have to balance it all out with perfectly Poached eggs and smoked salmon on buttered English muffins.

Oh and ordered an ice coffee for the man which I surreptitiously sipped because there was a scoop of vanilla ice cream in it. Belly is full, and food crisis averted, all is good.

Strawberry X Cafe & Catering on Urbanspoon

Mon to Fri – 7am to 4pm

Sat – 8am to 3pm


Micky’s Cafe, Paddington

The summer nights in Sydney are deceitfully chilly, especially in the outdoor courtyard out the back at Mickey’s. So get cosy in one of the many blankets provided.


Micky’s thickshakes are easily one of the most popular items on the drinks menu, our waitress recounts to us how a customer complained about the time it was taking for their thickshake to arrive. That day saw a particular demand for them and their blender was struggling to cope with the surge of ice cream it had to blend she simply retorted: ‘Do you know how much ice cream goes into each one? A lot.‘ So with that knowledge we decide to begin our dinner with mostly ice cream.

Cookie dough thickshake regular $9

I’ve tried the mars bar thickshake before, it was fantastically indulgent. The cookie dough thickshake is equally glorious and tastes exactly like cookie dough. Your turn to order up.

Micky's chicken wings $10

You go to Micky’s for some feel-good food, like fried chicken. I could gobble a whole basket of Micky’s wings singlehandedly, they have a crunchy and light batter, housing juicy, tender chicken.

Fajitas $22 + chicken $4

Treat yourself to a massive pair of flour tortillas with chilli beans, sour cream, heaping of guacamole, melty cheese, lettuce, grilled onions, capsicum & salsa.

Gnocchi & gorgonzola sauce with roasted capsicum, walnuts & rocket $19.50

The gnocchi pieces are not too heavy and come smothered in the gorgonzola sauce. Delicious, creamy AND cheesy, oh boy, this gnocchi has everything I want and like.

Micky’s have $10 value meals Monday to Friday which differ according to the day of the week, check it out here, I have my eye on the next Wednesday coming up.

Micky's Cafe on Urbanspoon

Opening hours

OPEN 7 DAYS – 8am to midnight

Twisted Frozen Yoghurt & Smoothies, Bondi Beach

These mini-posts are about cheap and cheerful lunches around Sydney. One time, I had frozen yoghurt, some of you may balk at such a choice but it was delightful. Pros of Twisted are don’t they don’t charge by weight and all the flavours taste of real cultured yoghurt, none of the powdered variety, no.

Disclaimer: Twisted do not sell froyo looking like this - got ahead of myself and didn't remember to photograph until I ploughed through half of the tub

There are over 50 different flavours which alternate weekly, I love the original flavour and must have it every time I’m there, it’s the ultimate creamy and tangy treat, I think claims such as 98% fat-free are marketing gimmicks but with everything, moderation is key. My recommended toppings are mochi (labelled ‘moochi’ at the Bondi Beach store), that delightfully chewy Japanese sticky rice dessert, and fruit caviar, in mango, peach and strawberry. Calories? What are they?

There are currently three locations where you can get twisted: Bondi Beach, Bondi Junction Westfields and Broadway. Twisted Frozen Yoghurt on Urbanspoon

Opening hours

Mon & Tues: 10am to 10pm

Wed: 10pm to 12am

Thurs: OPEN 24 HRS

Fri: 12am to 10:30pm

Sat & Sun 9am to 10:30pm

Misky Cravings, Fairfield Heights

Peruvian food in Sydney is a rare sighting, with only a few restaurants serving up this elusive South American cuisine, containing a mishmash of Chinese, Spanish, Japanese and Italian influences. To get to Misky Cravings you need a car as there isn’t any public transport nearby.

Ceviche de pescado $15

Ceviche de pescado is fillets of John Dory in lemon juice, garnished with a coriander, chilli, shavings of red onion and absolutely invigorating altogether. On the side is some white corn with slightly chewy kernels and also a chunk of sweet potato.

Aji de gallina $15

Aji de gallina are pieces of chicken in a creamy sauce with a murmur of cheesiness. I became quite sick of the gloopy texture after a few mouthfuls so wouldn’t recommend this dish because of the texture. 

Lomo saltado $15

Chinese connections to Peru is evident in Lomo Saltado, soy sauce beef strips stir-fried with chips, tomatoes and onions. You can taste smokiness from the grill in this dish and a side of rice makes this a hearty meal for one.

Misky Cravings on Urbanspoon

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