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Welcome once again to another mini-post, find my monthly recommends as well as the place to go for feelgood burgers, bagels done the real way, finger-licking ribs and Indian delights.

Listen to: Mojo Juju – The Thing I Can’t Erase Some of the the finest blues pipes I’ve heard and I’m very glad to have discovered her music.

Read: Angelfall by Susan Ee A wicked combination of thriller, gore, violence, romance and post-apocalyptic Earth. It’s not a very long read, I think I read it in under four hours and now I ship Penryn/Raffe so hard it’s becoming an issue.

Watch: Bronson (2008) Tom Hardy’s portrayal of the real-life violence-seeking Charles Bronson is excellent. A great line is when a guard held hostage by Bronson is forced to rub butter onto him and Bronson screams: Rub it right down my back. Go on down my back and legs. Back of my legs, my ass, my ass cheeks. On my ass. NOT IN MY ASS YOU FUCKING HOMO! DAMMIT! 

Streetsoul Burger Bar, Randwick 

On most nights, owner Amit Tewari can be found behind the register, working the floor, double-checking takeaway orders, answering the phone and he does all this whilst remaining attentive to customers. You’ll only find free range meat used here and there are options for those of you who are veg-heads.

Beef man Grass-fed seasoned beef patty, baby cos lettuce, tomato, Spanish onions, house-made aoili, house-made tomato relish $10.90

This burger has the juiciest patty I have ever stuck in my gob. A nice touch is that the bun has been toasted on the split sides. For another $2.50 I highly recommend you ‘make it cheesy’ which includes the addition of cheese, dill pickles and mustard.

Nacho Styles Fries (basket) $6.50

These are just great fries, perfectly fried and enveloped in guacamole, sour cream, diced tomato and stringy, melty mozzarella cheese. They come in a rather impressive bucket size too but nonetheless, we polish them off easily because they are just so damn delicious.

In addition to free range produce and lovely service, Streetsoul Burger Bar dish up the tastiest burgers around town. Open every day as well! Dear me how will I ever tear myself away from this place…There, it’s no longer a secret. I really do hope you can get yourself around to trying the burgers here.

StreetSoul Burger Bar on Urbanspoon

Opening hours:

Mon – Fri: 12pm to 10:30pm

Sat: 11am to 10:30pm

Sun: 11am to 10pm

Hurricane’s Express, Bondi Beach

While I enjoy being served at restaurants, I think I would rather takeaway my half rack beef ribs $26 and fries $3 so I can wolf it down in private. Cutlery actually takes away from the enjoyment I think. It costs like $10 more to eat in at the Hurricane’s restaurant anyway and I’d rather have that go to another serving of meat.The sauce on these ribs is the essence of yum and I’ve never been disappointed by the taste.

Open 7 Days
Monday to Friday 12pm till 11pm
Saturday & Sunday 11am till 11pm

Hurricane's Grill on Urbanspoon

Maya Da Dhaba, Surry Hills

South Indian Thali $14.90

We’re meant to receive a selection of curries but in fact have a selection of savoury and sweet soups. There are hardly any solids in the thali, some of the savoury ones taste very similar and I’m left unimpressed by the cardamom infused milk that’s supposed to be dessert. Maybe it’s not my kind of cuisine.

The gulab jamun here are the redeeming dessert. They look rather boring but its looks are deceiving because they’re deep fried balls of dough and milk solids, soaked in a rosewater-scented syrup. Don’t cry arteries, I’ll eat better tomorrow.

Maya Da Dhaba on Urbanspoon

Maya Vegetarian on Urbanspoon

Ahoy! Til’ next month then.


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