Dinner is served

Homemade Woodfired Pizza in Homemade Pizza Oven

Date: July 15, 2012

Hello readers, just a quick recipe post today, I have lots more exciting posts to come, for instance a post on the Big Pineapple markets, Sydney’s Good Food & Wine show, strawberry picking and my most exciting one yet, a post about my private dining experience with Manu Fieldel as some of you may know from my previous entry on Kind Living – Raw & Vegan Cafe, I visited Sunshine Coast with Ash, being so busy with uni and work, we really relish the time we get to spend there during our holidays before we return to our usual routine. One of the things we swore to do while there was to make pizza for dinner, but we had to use the pizza oven that Ash built himself. The story behind it is he wanted another way to thank the Gransky for taking him on a post-HSC trip all over Europe. Such a generous and amazing Gran.

Used a reliable pizza dough recipe from taste.com and adjusted the recipe to make enough for four medium-sized pizzas

1.5 cups plain flour

1 tsp dried yeast

1/2 tsp salt

310mls (1 1/4 cups) lukewarm water

1/2 tbs olive oil

In a large mixing bowl, combine the flour, salt and yeast together first, then make a well in the centre and add all the wet ingredients and olive oil. After that, sprinkle flour on the tabletop surface and begin kneading.

Wrinkly dough


Kneading the dough

Grease a mixing bowl with olive oil so the dough doesn’t stick whilst it is proving.

Ball of dough: my face on the left and Ash's curly head

Covering with a moist towel, allowing it to prove

In the meantime, we prepared and sourced ingredients for toppings.

Expanded proved dough

We allowed the dough to prove for about 45 minutes in which time it doubled in size.

Individual pizza dough bases

Rolling it out as thin as possible

My advice when rolling out really thin crusts, is to roll it out on top of baking paper because when you try to lift really thin dough, it sticks to the surface you’re working on, flops about and is a general pain in the rectum to transfer, so roll it out on baking paper.

Use tomato paste as the base

I used canned tomatoes when I should have used tomato paste which is more concentrated and less watery and lets the crust become nice and crisp.

Piling on the toppings! Mushrooms, mozzarella, brie, feta, capsicum & olives


Added pumpkin and canned sardines to this one

I know I know, the edges aren’t straight, there’s no need to be!

Kindling wood & a quadbike

Riding a quadbike is so much fun, I don’t ride motorbikes, rather risky on Sydney’s roads and this is pretty close to riding one on my own, and it does what a bike would do, makes me look cool zipping up and down the driveway.

Feeding the growing flames

Fire-breathing pizza oven!

And now it’s time to cook, Ash mans the oven and I bring out the pizzas one by one.

Mighty woodfire

Done in 7 minutes!

Dinner is served

I rolled out the crusts really thin so we could have crispier crusts and more of the toppings, once the woodfire is going, it cooks very quickly and you can’t get the smoky taste of woodfire pizza from a conventional oven.

One of several delicious slices had that night

Crittenden & Co 2010 Merlot $6/bottle

Some pleasant wine to go with dinner, not a drinker myself, this is one of the wines Granski already had in her home.

Just a side shot of a pizza slice


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