Passionflower, Capitol Square

After being kicked out of all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ, we rolled to Passionflower in Capitol Square instead to satisfy our sweet demons. Anyone who frequents Sydney CBD on a regular basis are probably aware of Passionflower desserts, especially when you travel a lot to the Chinatown district. They make coffee but the reason why people flock here is to sample their popular Asian flavoured ice creams like taro, green tea (ho yeah), black sesame, lychee and coconut. I’m a bit of a sucker for funnily named dishes, so the Eastern sunrise, Western sunset, Playmate and Fiona’s Fill Me In. it is serious chocolate overload. 3 scoops of chocolate ice cream , whipped cream and a chocolate cigar. She practically demolished it all but said it wasn’t anything spesh for $15

Fill Me In

Final Fantasy

I think Vincent and Sarina chose the best, the geeky named Final Fantasy looked and tasted stellar. A shot of evaporated milk is included to pour into the glass, creating a mouth watering reaction as it seeps into the black jelly, taro and coconut ice cream.

Super Duper Brownie

There were some interesting flavours but Ash and I wanted something traditionally reliable, so chose the Super Duper Brownie to share. Vanilla, chocolate mud and cookies and cream ice cream sitting in a caramel sauce skewered with triple chocolate fudge brownies. We loved the luscious caramel sauce which was  but found the brownies dry, bitter and biscuit-like not at all fudgey.

Chocolate crepes and strawberries

Trace and Richie went with strawberries rolled up with rich chocolate ice cream a scoop of chocolate ice cream and melted chocolate to drizzle went down a treat and they cleaned their plate quite happily.

People don’t seem to mind that the desserts are pricey and even when tables are full, they’ll still form a queue in Capitol Square. There was this one group who kept eyeballing our table of 8 but we were only halfway through our meals and no one else was leaving until we did, they ended up waiting 20 minutes! Passionflower might have to expand their seating capacity if possible to cater to the large hordes of citygoers.

Capitol Square Hotel

730-742 George Street  Sydney NSW 2000

(02) 9281 8322

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