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Papparich, Ultimo

Papparich has got it going on.

Soft flakey roti with spiced dhal, intensely coco-nutty beef rendang and an assortment of colorful iced drinks, Papparich has got it going on.

Quick disclosure. My camera broke an hour before we headed to Papparich. Fortunately, my colleague lent me her camera (a horrible point and shoot) but still, we made do.

Let’s get down to brass tax. Papparich is always solid choice. Don’t know what to eat? Papparich.

Papparich has just opened a new store. With over over 7 locations in Australia (and many many more internationally) it seems Pappa is on a mission to dominate the Malaysian culinary game (step back Petaling Street, Mamak and Malacca Straits).

First off the rank. Chicken skin. Crispy, salty chicken skin.  Is there a better way to commence a meal/introduce trans-fats into your bloodstream? I think not.

We start with a course of steamed appetisers.

Vegetarian Fu Chook (aka Fu Chuk), or beancurd skin filled with soybean, starch, water chestnuts and carrot. The consistency of these little tubes of starch is interesting. If you’re a fan of pink chewy mock meats (who isn’t’! ) you’ll like these.

Vegetarian Shui Kau consisting of soy beans, water chestnut, carrots, black fungus mushroom. Your standard vegetarian dumplings. Nothing to complain about here.

Prawn dumplings.

On to mains.

Pappa Chicken Rice with Steam Chicken (aka Hainanese chicken rice).

Pappa describes this dish as “a Malaysian favourite that comes with tender boiled chicken, fragrant chicken rice, chicken soup, bean sprouts and a combination of chilli, ginger and dark soya sauce for dipping”.  Nicely said Pappa. A simple dish yes, but always a crowd pleaser.

Nasi Lemak with Beef Rendang, with with fried anchovies, fried peanuts, hard boiled egg, cucumber slices and daily made spicy sambal.

This is our Malaysian restaurant go-to dish. Pappa’s beef rendang is slowly cooked, tender and moreish. Everything on the plate has it’s role,  sweet sambal to add kick, peanuts & anchovies to add salt and crunch, cucumber to cool the palate and a boiled egg to scare your boiled egg-phobic friend (please seek help Henry).

Sidenote: I always find it amusing that Pappa removes the heads of the dried n’ fried anchovies (why bother!).

Our friend Henry had a serving of the vegetarian mutton equivalent. The consistency of the vegetarian mutton is fantastic. Very similar to the real deal. Would recommend to my vego friends.

We also order a serving of Pappa’s flakey Roti Canai. We opt for the egg and onion variant (Roti Telur Bawang) accompanied with dhal and beef rendang. I personally prefer the OG version, I like my roti nude, sans eggy & onion. This version was still delicious nonetheless.

Honourable mention goes out to the waiter who brought us a serving of Hainan bread with kaya. Can’t go wrong with that pandan-ey goodness.


MsBrulee dined as guests of Papparich. Opinions however are our own and independent. 

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