Pork ribs BBQ sauce $26.95

Pancakes on the Rocks, The Rocks

Pancakes on the Rocks is open 24 hours, offer value for money and is perfect for those 1am outings for when you need a feed stat. The decor includes plush leather seats, jukeboxes and music clip videos playing on television screens complete the largely American diner atmosphere. Take the train to get here because finding reasonable parking in The Rocks is a daunting affair, we parked nearby and were charged $48 for three hours! You oughta be ashamed City of Sydney.

Iced coffee $3.95

I’m not much of a coffee drinker, but I’m staying up later these uni holidays so find the caffeine and sugary syrup much needed.

Pork ribs w/ BBQ sauce $26.95

Yes I ordered ribs. At a pancakes place. I would have pancakes but I felt voracious for the largest ribs on the menu. I’ve had the beef ribs here once before and they were decent. When I gave my order to the waiter he asked if I was sharing with Ash, but Ash doesn’t eat pork, defiantly, I replied no. He took one look at me, and saw I wasn’t kidding, that this speck of an Asian, measuring 157 cm* (157.5 on good days) was going to have an entire rack of pork ribs all to herself. So when he re-emerged with my order I wasn’t at all stunned by the enormity of the pork ribs, easily spanning the length of my abdomen, slick with smoky BBQ sauce. I knew what I was getting myself into. Tender, pull apart combination of sticky sweet rib flesh, after a few seconds with a knife and fork I thought to hell with that and used my hands. Mind you I don’t think these were the best ribs I’ve ever had but I was happy to accept it. Ash otherwise sat across me with his demure plate of cavities, he presented a much more attractive vision to my bone gnashing and occasional finger licking I assure you. Despite my best efforts, three quarters of a rack in I was defeated, an uncommon occurrence but in my defence I would have finished it had I not filled up on a plate of churrasco at the Friday night markets. 
* that’s 5 feet 2 inches for my American readers, metric makes more sense but then again we wear thongs and like Vegemite

Bananarama $10.95

Trust us to order pancakes at a place that is named after them. Squeezing in a taste of the still warm buttermilk pancakes, caramelised bananas and syrupy butterscotch with vanilla ice cream, the flavours are traditional and work great together.

If you live in Sydney CBD or are visiting, and find yourself needing to feed on something that isn’t a kebab or Maccas, unfortunately, past 10pm the range of options drops dramatically. I think this place takes quite a beating from online reviews, Pancakes on the Rocks really isn’t as detrimental as some make it out to be. The quality of food is consistent throughout (avoid the Lime Swiss Shakes though – they’re unpalatable), service is attentive and is reasonably priced. Until Sydney improves on its nightlife and late night dining options, keep Pancakes on the Rocks as a backup.

Pancakes on the Rocks on Urbanspoon

Open 24 hours 7 days a week

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