N2 Extreme Gelato, Haymarket

Step inside N2 and you are greeted with staff donning lab coats and science goggles, pouring liquid nitrogen into mixmasters that churn out fresh gelato.

Why make gelato this way? Because science and gelato is freakin’ awesome and delicious. All those demonstrations in science class with N2 means that many people are familiar with liquid nitrogen and its properties, so fog spilling out onto the benchtops is not a new sight but it’s always a welcome one. It makes you feel like a kid again and who doesn’t like that?

Clouds. Fog. Mist.

If you can, score a seat on a swivel chair to enjoy your cool and creamy treat, but if it gets too crowded, as it frequently does during dinnertime, one can chill outside on the astroturf lawn. Scroll through any of N2’s social media and you’ll discover experimental flavours, like fish gelato where no actual fish is used but green tea is, because certain flavour characteristics in those two ingredients are similar. If you’re curious for something daring like that, but not sure if you want to endure an entire scoop’s worth, you can certainly try before you buy.

Maple & walnut $6

My choosing is a maple gelato with crushed walnut pieces throughout, it is nice, although not striking, I’m not a vanilla girl so am after something even more daring.

Even though the flavours change every week, popular ones make a reoccurrence I would look out for these should they pop up again in the future (be aware that these are iphone shots, I don’t always carry a DSLR):

Burnt butter coffee

Burnt Butter Coffee – do NOT pass this one up. It is amazing.

Sleazy strawberry + sour cream chocolate

Sleazy strawberry (Shiraz infused strawberries with milk gelato) – also a ridiculously good flavour the red wine does not taste ‘winey’ at all and is really pleasant combined with strawberries. Eat it immediately.

Sour cream chocolate – More chocolate than sour cream but still delightful

Happy Little Vegemite (Milk Gelato with Vegemite & Sao Crackers) – my natural reaction to Vegemite in gelato was to steer clear of it, but it was surprisingly delicious! The vegemite flavour is piquant so the slightest can be tasted, this was made for Australia Day but I think it should be made every day.

Mojito (Mint and lime sorbet with a spray of rum) – a very refreshing sour sorbet and very nice to eat.

A chef is employed to invent all the new flavours, I have an insider source who reports that owner Min, isn’t in the business for the money, with such daring flavours and somewhat risky, it’s clear to me that this is passionate and playful dessert making. 

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Opening hours:

1pm to 11pm 7 days a week

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