My favourite ALDI chocolates

I’ve always shopped at ALDI because I can get my weekly groceries consistently cheaper here than at other supermarkets, like, so much cheaper, I buy most, if not all of my food from there.

One of the things I’ve purchased over and over again from ALDI are their chocolates. Throughout my shopping, I’ve come across some much-loved chocolates that are copycats of other chocolate brands and in some cases, I actually prefer more than the ‘branded’ ones. For those of you that are not seasoned ALDI veterans such as yours truly, I should mention that they’re exclusive to ALDI stores, so you can only find the following chocolates at an ALDI store.

I’m rather fussy about my chocolate purchases, nothing with ‘bits’ in them, so that excludes rum & raisin variations, absolutely no nuts if it’s a chocolate bar and I wouldn’t dream of buying white chocolate oh and no mint-flavours. I appreciate it in my toothpaste only. Okay, so I’m really fussy. Only milk or dark chocolate make it in my shopping basket so for those of you white chocolate, nut and mint lovers, you’ll just have to purchase them and see for yourself, I’m positive that they’ll taste amazing anyway.

Disclaimer: I’m not being paid to profess about my hardcore love for these chocolates although it would be awesome if that were the case! I just firmly believe they taste great, are produced under ethical conditions (read more about UTZ-certification here) and cost me so little to enjoy. Alrighty then, let me proceed with introducing you to some of my favourite choccie nibbles that will feed your cocoa addictions:

Belmont Biscuit co Just Divine rrp $1.59 (the price has increased recently, these were $1.49 at the time of purchasing) 

These milk choc biccies are a dead ringer for the famous Arnotts Tim Tam except for a few variations I’ll point out now along with some photos of each for comparison:

- Taste-wise I find Just Divine are saltier than Tim Tams, only slightly

- The biscuit in Just Divine aren’t as dense as Tim Tams and so they ‘snap’ between the teeth with less force

- The chocolate filling in Tim Tams is piped in two lines whereas in Just Divines, it’s just a single layer of chocolate mousse filling.

Everything else about Just Divine and Tim Tams are the same. Both brands contain 11 biscuits and both packets weigh 200g each. Now I love Tim Tams, they are Australia’s greatest export*, even better than goon. But these copycat ALDI biscuits are just as good. And even when Tim Tams are on sale, the Just Divine will always be cheaper, I mean have you ever seen Tim Tam for less than $2 a packet? I have, only once many a catalogue ago. Despite how much I praise them, I think the name ‘Just Divine’ is ridiculous so Ash has coined them Jim Jams instead. But most importantly, can you do a Jim Jam slam? I’m very excited to tell you that yes! Yes you can! Just bite the ends off the Jim Jam, suck your hot beverage through it and allow it melt into a squidgy, chocolatey mess in your mouth. Now you’re going to curse me for ever having introduced these to you because of how frequently you’ll have to replace the packet. Well, I gladly accept blame – I love these Jim Jams that much.

*Tim Tams are owned by Campbell’s which are an American consumer foods giant. I say that they’re Australian because they’re marketed as an Aussie product. 

One downside though is that they only come in one flavour – plain milk chocolate. Unlike Tim Tams having all sorts of neat flavours, like dark chocolate and double coat being my favourites. The ALDI ones don’t come in cool Adriano Zumbo flavours but I could always purchase Zumbo ones if I really wanted to.

Dairy Fine Wafer Bar in Milk Chocolate Hazelnut and Rich Chocolate 146g $1.99

These Wafer Bars are knock offs of Kinder Buenos, the hazelnut one has obviously, hazelnut. I love both flavours equally because they practically have the same smooth, cream filling, wafer and coated in chocolate that make it so irresistible to me. And if that weren’t awesome enough, you get 6 bars in a box. SIX. Sure, they are a tad smaller than Kinder Buenos but the ALDI ones are still much more economical.

Now Kinder Buenos are awesome but like the Jim Jams/Just Divine these are just as good and it’s now gotten to the point where I automatically reach for these whenever I’m in an ALDI store. I would like to show you what they look like but Ash ATE ALL OF THEM before I could snap a photo. I did however get a few shots where I’m feeding them to the cat. No I’m not actually feeding the cat chocolate, I had to send a photograph of myself with my favourite ALDI product for one of their campaigns.

Belmont biscuit co Palazzo Cookies in milk and dark $1.99

All the biscuits have different designs of buildings or bridges on them. Being butter biscuits, I expected them to be shortbread, but they’re more like milk arrowroot biscuits. I find I prefer the dark chocolate one a touch more as it’s not as sweet as the milk chocolate variation. Because of the fancy etched designs, I like serving these as a treat. To myself.

Belmont biscuit co Choco Milk Bars and Choco Cappuccino Bars $3.99

These are individually wrapped bars of crispy butter biscuits with a milk cream filling covered in milk chocolate. The biscuit inside is like the ‘butter’ biscuit in the Palazzo Cookies, a cross between arrowroot and butter and the milk cream filling has more of an icing consistency. I particularly enjoy the subtle coffee flavour of the Choco Cappucino, which pairs really well with a hot beverage.

Choceur chocolate bars $2.49

These are decent eating chocolates, the one downside is that they have a slightly waxy mouthfeel, which I feel is a preference thing. Aside from that, they aren’t too sweet and find they are just right for everyday snacking.

Choceur Delicious Belgian Chocolate Waves in Caramel and Milk $2.99 for 125g (also comes in Hazelnut and Mint but I do not like Mint in chocolate and the hazelnut had sold out)

These are like chocolate Pringles (but smaller) with crispy puffed rice and are so insanely good. I love how they’re shaped like chips and are crunchy too. Only downside is that there’s not enough in a packet, or so I think there isn’t, because they seem to last me no time at all…

Finest Milk Chocolate, Finest Dark Chocolate 85%Cocoa, Finest Dark Chocolate 70% Cocoa $2.69

And here’s another imitation! These Moser Roth chocolates are copycats of Lindt chocolate. The texture of these ALDI chocolate blocks is just beautiful. Smooth and creamy, with a velvety mouthfeel.

Finest Dark Chocolate Sea Salt $2.69

If you only want to choose one that’s guaranteed to hit the chocolatey spot, make it this flavour. It’s my absolute favourite because the specks of sea salt throughout the bars give it some contrast from the dark chocolate and has the perfect amount of sweetness.

And that’s a wrap! Did you enjoy this post? Are you an ALDI freak like me? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section I’d really like to hear them :)

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