Ms G’s grilled corn on the cob, parmesan, lime (v) $4ea

Ms. G’s, Potts Point

No I’m not dead, have just been really busy with uni and work which unfortunately meant blogging had taken the backseat, A colleague alerted me to the fact that they only look at the photos on this blog, which is fair to say because they are nicely shot, I took some of the photos and my mischievous dining partner shot some of the photos too, but in saying that you’re missing out on some vital information if you don’t read the accompanying text. Like take for instance the fact that I’m mentioning said colleague in this very post and publishing what I think of them…

Naaah how mean do you think I am? I wouldn’t do that, not under my real name anyway ahurhurhur

Chefs Dan Hong and Jowett Yu who are behind Ms G’s, Dan has an impressive resume, he is executive chef at Ms G’s, El Loco and Mr Wong.

Once seated, without even being asked we are brought glasses of tap water which are filled and topped up throughout the night.

What I thought was wall graffiti, Ash, who possesses a great amount of swag, pointed out immediately they were actually lyrics from a Biggie Smalls track

'Juicy' lyrics

Ms G’s grilled corn on the cob, parmesan, lime (v) $4ea

Oh the corn uhhhhhhhh – words cannot describe how good it is but I’ll try, it is the most buttery, most sweetest, mouth-watering, foodgasmic, heavenly (I’ve run out of synonyms for delicious now…) corn I’ve ever tried. I licked the plate CLEAN of the delightful cumin and smoked paprika spiced sauce with a huge shaving of parmesan and I ache for this exact corn even now.

Roasted barramundi, sambal matah, watermelon $26

We didn’t order this but it was brought to our table when we alerted a waitress she spoke to her colleagues, came back and said that it was ours to have and our correct order was on the way. Before we could tuck into it though, another waiter however picked it up and left with it, we don’t know what was happening to the dish but when we asked the waitress she said unfortunately we couldn’t keep it.


Even though we didn’t get to try it I was able to sneak in an unfocused shot of it before it was removed.

Malaysian barramundi

Succulent, moist fillets of I believe it is barramundi? Are basted in a red paste of miscellaneous spices, it was nice but it was rather unmemorable.

Jow’s sweet and sour lamb ribs $23

I found the sauce on these ribs so sweet that I couldn’t finish it, fear not they didn’t go to waste as Ash happily munched up what I couldn’t finish. Taste-wise they were great, some strips of fat on the ribs became crunchy from the cooking process and some remained fatty so biting into both was amazing. They were crispy on the outside and the meat was so meltingly soft, every bone was easily gnawed clean.

“Dirty Passion” Passion fruit custard, chocolate, coconut $12

The quenelle of coconut sorbet was so refreshingly cool with a hint of coconut and sweetness, it was also light as air as it literally dissipated on the tongue. Hidden beneath the rubble of chocolate dirt and shredded coconut are little dices of dragonfruit and perfectly sweet and sour squirts of passionfruit curd. The wafer-like shards taste like milo and the blended chocolate tasted more like malt, even though it was enjoyable, there wasn’t a distinctly chocolate flavour like promised.

I am a creature of peace and quiet preferring to avoid high decibels. There was a live DJ that night who turned up the speakers progressively as the hours passed so I wasn’t pleased about that but we started our weekend with a ‘Dirty Passion’ and some really great food overall.

So dear readers, do you only look at the photos on food blogs like my colleague? Or do you read the writing too? Is my writing completely unnecessary? Am I just fishing for compliments? I kid, I kid, besides I don’t need your words of kindness I have Daily Odd Compliment for that. I am indeed quite a sad individual.

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Opening hours

Mon to Thurs & Sat: 5pm to 11pm

Fri: 12pm to 3pm & 5pm to 11pm

Sun: 1pm to 10pm

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