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If you like/love/have-yet-to-try froyo you have to give MooBerry a go. I’m not saying that just because we were invited to sample the menu courtesy of owner John X, but MooBerry’s froyo, genuinely is the creamiest tasting froyo and best value for money you’re going to find yet.

With competing froyo businesses on nearby King Street in Newtown, by the likes of a South Korean and an American one which are franchises. By choosing MooBerry you are supporting a small local Australian business, run by couple John and Janine who are passionate about producing amazing froyo and supported by a tight-knit team of passionate individuals. The atmosphere here is so casual and welcoming, that I suppose coming into work seems more like visiting your best friend’s place, it just so happens that I’m out of work for the next few months…

frogurt! (that's good)

And how can you, dear reader, win yourself some delectable MooBerry froyo? Read on… Or just simply scroll to the bottom of this post, but at least drool at the pretty pictures on your way.



We met our MooBerry server, who is a gorgeous raven-haired Kiwi by the name of Sorcha, (hello Sorcha if you’re reading this!) she is enthusiastic, bubbly and eager to hand over samples without being prompted. Big ticks all round. A small serving here is quite generous and at just $4.50 even with toppings, is cheaper than other froyo places around Sydney. Sorcha speedily serves up some tasting tubs of the four current flavours which we gleefully spoon while she prepares us a plate of the waffles.

Coconut Affogato

The coconut affogato was like sweetened coconut milk and coffee, mixed in with crisp coconut flakes, it was simply divine.

Pomegranate and original froyo w/ plain and strawberry mochi

The pomegranate froyo is refreshing and fruity and the mochi are delightfully chewy, I could eat a bowl of these at the end of every meal, such is my love for glutinous rice.

Original and mocha froyo w/ green apple caviar and passionfruit topping

The original froyo is slightly tart Greek-flavoured yogurt whilst the mocha froyo contains some of their Belgium chocolate and of course they’re both amazing. There was, mango, strawberry, lychee and green apple fruit caviar, having not tried green apple before, it was more sweet than sour but still burst satisfyingly in the mouth.

MB Waffles w/ Belgian chocolate drizzle

The froyo included with your order of waffles

Thick, golden waffles made with love

The waffles have the texture of cake and soak up the chocolate drizzle well, they were so incredibly good. While the waffles were sweet, the original froyo with the strawberry swirl provided some tartness, you should have it altogether and it should look something like this:


And what does Sorcha have to say of the oft froyo vs gelato debate?

‘People who choose gelato because they think froyo is healthy only have to step in here and realise that they can have something naughty.’ She rattles off an impressive list of indulgent toppings like Belgium chocolate, maltesers, oreos and tells us that for those people who step into MooBerry the first time then realise how good it is and then become regulars.

Walking out of there, I am now forever one of those regulars with an added love of the colour purple. Aside from the ridiculously good froyo, MooBerry have an impressive dessert menu unlike other froyo joints. I want to return for some baked, not fried churros with a pot of melted Belgium chocolate, or a melted centre dark chocolate souffle and I cannot wait to warm up with some nutella hot chocolate which is available throughout the seasons so you can pop in on a cool summer evening.

And finally the details to how you can win over $150 worth of MooBerry froyo.

This giveaway is open to Australian residents only, there is only one MooBerry location and that is in Sydney. I have been kindly presented two MooBerry vouchers of which I will hold a giveaway they are:

a VIP MooBerry card at over $150 worth of value included is

* Most excitingly: free regular froyo for you and 4 friends 
* free regular froyo and toppings
* free size upgrade
* free regular topping
* free regular smoothie
* free toppings for you and your friends
* 25% off total bill (up to $100)
* 50% off total bill (up to $100)

and a MooBerry loyalty card which includes:

* 1 free regular topping
* 1 free small froyo & 1 topping

And on the 4th September (one month from now) I will randomly choose a winner to receive the VIP MooBerry card and a runner up to receive the MooBerry loyalty card, I will notify winners via a blog post and Facebook.

What you have to do to be eligible (it’s super easy!):

1) Like MsBrulee on Facebook
2) Like MooBerry on Facebook
3) Leave a comment below detailing your ideal flavour of MooBerry froyo and topping combination.

You need to have done these three things to be eligible for entry into this competition and why wouldn’t you it takes no time at all!

So good luck and ’til next time,
MsBrulee xx

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Look out for this sign when you're in Newtown!

MooBerry - Real Froyo and Smoothies on Urbanspoon

Opening hours:

Sunday – Thursday: 12:00 – 11:00pm

Friday – Saturday: 12:00pm – 12:00am

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