Marigold-Yum Cha Part 1

Whilst Ash’s gran is in Sydney, we planned to have Yum Cha with her so we all brave the chill one gusty Saturday. Marigold is chosen for their variety and authentic Yum Cha experience.

Marigold gives off a family-friendly vibe, on the weekend it gets packed and the atmosphere in the main dining room is so busy by the time we arrive.

A lady pushing her trolley lifts open a steamer basket of these beauties and tips a pleasing amount of soy sauce onto our cheong fun and snow peas. A thin layer of soy marinated minced beef encased in slippery rice rolls are delicious to slurp with chilli sauce.

Cheong Fun

Roast Duck

Roast duck is gobbled up in no time, pieces of burnished skin, fat and meat disappears in a flourish of chopsticks. I’m not sure what that blue tint in the corner is from.

Vegetarian Bean Curd Sheets

These are parcels of bean curd sheets deep fried until crispy on the outside, inside is the juiciest medley of finely chopped shiitake and woodear mushrooms and water chestnuts.

Glutinous Rice Dumpling

These come in serves of three as they were so moreish we even had two plates. Deep fried glutinous rice dumplings with a red bean paste filling and walnut. Their deliciousness distracted me and it wasn’t until there was one left that I remembered to photograph it (newb blogger fail)

Fung Zao (Phoenix Claws)

This dish always divides people, yes, it’s chicken feet but these are declawed, marinated in chinese five spice, fried then stewed in a wonderfully complex aromatic blend until gelatinous. Prepared well I love gnawing the sweet, salty skin off, I especially love the little pocket of tendons that is the sole of the feet and then spitting out the clean bones. Not at all charming but it’s acceptable at Yum Cha. The ones at Marigold aren’t the best I’ve ever had, they’re not as flavourful as the ones I’ve had at our local Yum Cha eatery in Cabramatta.

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Marigold Citymark

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