Egg in a spud $15

Mad Spuds Cafe, Surry Hills

What do you reckon comes out of a place called Mad Spuds? If the signage is any indicator, expect smiley potatoes in a cape.


Super spud to the rescue

Mad Spuds specialise in potatoes but there are potato-free sandwiches that come with garnishes of crispy potato skins.

Watermelon, ginger, orange juice $5

You can have a juice tailored to the combination of your liking with any of the ingredients from the list provided. Ash is a ginger fiend so he always has ginger in his juices and watermelon and orange are a fine addition to the mix.

Chilli tuna $15

Delicious carbs

Most items are around the $15 mark, I highly recommend something from the baked spuds menu which is where the ‘chilli tuna’ and ‘egg in a spud’ were from. Ash comments how he likes the look of everything that has come out of the kitchen and he’s right, every dish is indeed presented very well. All potatoes come with a seven seed slaw containing fennel, cumin, linseed, sesame, poppy, mustard and sunflower seeds.

Our food didn’t take long to arrive, the Chili Tuna has two fist sized potatoes scored and stuffed with  chilli, roast onion, kernals of sweet corn, gruyere, olive oil and tuna, it came with a side of sour cream and seven seed slaw which had a light creamy dressing of mayo.

Egg in a spud - poached eggs, gruyere, black pudding, apple relish, toasted quinoa & seven seed slaw $15

My protein and carbs

If there’s black pudding on the menu I’m bound to choose it because I really like cooked congealed blood, not many people are keen on it but I’m one of those individuals that have a nose-to-tail eating mentality. My advice is to order the Egg in a Spud only if you’re hungry or sharing. Two equally large potatoes are halved, two halves contain a perfectly poached egg in each with the yolk still delightfully runny and the other two halves have the insides scooped out to make room for homemade apple relish topped with a disc of black pudding on both. A garnish of seven seed slaw and crunchy sweet potato crisps provides a light addition to the dish, knowing how full potatoes can make you, although I’m so stuffed from the taters that I even struggled to finish the salad. That wasn’t a complaint, it actually makes me pleased to have so much food, I think it’s because of my Irish name and the fact that I eat like there’s an oncoming famine.

Piccolo latte $3.50

The beans used are an organic double roaster a triple blend of Nicaragua, Brazil and Ethiopian beans, the resulting coffee is one that has a lovely rich aroma and is not bitter for a coffee wuss like me at all.

I entreat those of you who seek food that grants you value for money, very good coffee and nomworthy dishes to take up a table at Mad Spuds, you’ll be really glad that you did.

Mad Spuds Cafe on Urbanspoon

Opening hours

Tues – Sun: 8am to 5pm

CLOSED on Mondays

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