Lamma Island, Hong Kong

So I went overseas without my family for the first time, they very nearly did come along but I timed announcing the holiday so that the likelihood of them securing tickets was miserably low. Besides, how weird would it be to have your parents along on a romantic holiday with your partner? I spent five days in Hong Kong and about three weeks in Vietnam.

We dedicated one of five days on a day trip to Lamma Island. A past time here in Hong Kong is to catch a ferry to Lamma Island and walk to Yung Shing Yeh Beach. Entire families get involved, some even bring their pet dogs along for the journey.  

A roundtrip on the ferry costs a few dollars, it’s a cheap way to get the frenziness of Hong Kong out of your system for a few hours.

Upon landing, we passed by all the touristy restaurants, get here before 1pm and you might make the yum cha service, yum cha generally wraps up. There are no skyscrapers here on Lamma Island but it sure seemed as busy as Hong Kong itself.

We walked along a trail for about 15 minutes or so and unlike the frenetic area where we landed, the surroundings became quieter, peaceful even. Conveniently located along the walk to the beach is Ah Por Tofu Fa (Grandma’s Tofu Pudding) where tofu fa and soy milk are the main attractions for the visiting crowd. 

Underneath the ramshackle shelter, is a crowd of presumably, Lamma Island visitors, all spooning into some tofu fa. There’s the option of having tofu fa hot or cold, since it was sweltering, everybody was served it cold unless you specifically asked for it hot. This gentleman operated unhurriedly despite dozens of thirsty and peckish people joining the never diminishing line.

He made sure to fill every single bowl of tofu fa up to the brim and drizzled a good amount of ginger syrup. I watched him work rhythmically for about 10 minutes and he didn’t look up once, just put out his hand to collect money.

Called Ah Por Tofu Fa (Grandma’s tofu pudding) I think the soy milk had too much water added to try and stretch out as much product as possible. But let me tell you on a sweltering day, a bowl of chilled, airy tofu fa was heavenly and for the price of only $7HKD ($1AUD) I wasn’t complaining.

Also selling under the same tarpaulin roof, were fish balls in a spicy sauce, I believe it also didn’t have the quality of the fish balls we’ve come to expect in Sydney but they were still good and cheap, about $14HKD ($2AUD) or so.

This might come as a surprise to some people but I don’t like beaches. Actually that’s not completely true, they’re rather nice to look at, I just hate sand. It gets in all your cracks. So for that reason I didn’t expect to be swimming, so didn’t bring anything to change into. But I should have cast my sand hatred aside because the only thing I wanted at the end of the ridiculously humid day was to dive straight into the water. All I could do was stand in the shade mumbling about society’s expectations and what’s the big deal with seeing an unfit-looking 21 year old starkers anyway, but then answered my own question. 

The ferry ride back was very turbulent, I thought the ferry would flip over and for the first time in my life, I was ready as an Olympic athlete to sprint to the emergency exit. I was so glad to see the coastline of Hong Kong once again after the 30 minute journey.

And that’s why I’d make a great companion during an emergency evacuation. 

Thanks for reading! Other travel blog posts will be published in due time.

MsBrulee xx

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