Kind Living – Raw & Vegan Café, Maleny, QLD

For this uni holidays, Ash and I are visiting the Sunshine Coast, he also has family living here and  they waxed lyrical about the time they ate at a café that makes delicious raw and vegan dishes, prompting me to insist we visit Maleny, blogger style. After sending us left instead of straight, as the navigator I am fully responsible for the mishap where Ash had to chuck a 200 point turn to navigate out of an extremely tight parking lot I’d mistakenly sent us to. Our intended destination? Kind Living Café on the adorably warm, Maple Street.


Having researched the background of this café, the owner, Lucy has been vegetarian for most of her life because of her love for animals, she encountered health problems later on in life and as a means to combat them, began eating raw, thankfully Lucy’s improved and since then she’s been an advocate of raw and compassionate eating. Her stance on sustainability is truly admirable and from what I can tell on their website, practised in the organic life she leads with her husband Gary and their property housing dozens of rescued animals. Upon reading about them, I couldn’t wait to see their café which funds educating people about compassionate eating.


There are lovely vases of fresh cut flowers on each table as a centrepiece, I wish I had a photo of it to show you but the ridiculous SD card would only take up to 20 photos and then wussied out. The menu is well thought out and features tantalising descriptions of the meals.


Nutmylk with vanilla and honey $4.50/Raw cacao with steamed nutmylk, raw cacao powder vanilla & honey $5

I tried almond milk once before and vowed not to touch it again, I find it’s awfully bland but I’m not an accustomed drinker of it, knowing this though, I’m curious to try the nutmylk, maybe all that it needs is honey and vanilla like they’ve done here. On trying, nope still bland and really needs sugar, I liken this to soy milk which is dreadful by itself but transformed into my family’s beverage of choice with the addition of sugar syrup.

The raw cacao with steamed nutmylk had the slightest hint of cocoa and also found it quite tasteless on it’s own, a heaping of sugar helps to make it drinkable, I really want to like non-dairy milk on its own without added sugar.

Handmade falafel served with fresh salad, handmade hummus and avocado sauce $14.50

The gran (Gransky as Ash calls her) orders a special, the Falafel wrap. The colours of the vegetables in this kaleidoscopic wrap are so vivid and attractive that I just want to pick it up and munch through the carrots, beetroot, green salad and speckled falafel. But not being the dish I ordered, the herbaceous filling is cool and eating it is like biting into a leafy summer garden, Simply healthy and delicious.


Salsa verde and basil spaghetti with a light avocado sauce infused with fresh locally grown basil $15.95 GF

Look how dense the spaghetti is!

My eyes lit up when this plate arrived, I’d seen this dish on Kind Living’s facebook page prior to our visit and it still struck an impression seeing it in person. We loved the oddball presentation of this dish, enoki and sprouts sprouting from a creamy cylinder of zucchini spaghetti and mushrooms that are tightly packed so there is actually more than appears, sliced cherry tomatoes were as sweet as apples and marries with the crumbly, salty brazil nut parmesan, Ash tried this dish and we both agree that Kind Living’s brazil nut parmesan is a wonderful dairy-free substitute, it tastes just like real parmesan they also have bags of it on their counter for customers to purchase. Everything is just so tasty.

Pad thai kelp noodles with a ginger satay style sauce and fresh julienne style veggies $16.95 GF Raw

Ash thoroughly enjoyed his veggo pad thai, but craved more textural variation other than the addition of almonds to provide contrast (Ash’s edit: I swear I’m not pretentious…) The satay style sauce isn’t made of peanuts, rather I think it’s ground white sesame paste explaining the nuttiness but I’m not sure what the mysterious sauce consists of.

According to Ash, a year ago when they paid Kind Living a visit on a Sunday, usually a café’s busiest day it was quiet, not any longer. Today there is no shortage of customers and although not frantically busy, certainly a dramatic change for the better. When the Gran and Ash order I overhear him telling Lucy who is at the register that I’m a blogger.

“I hope she likes the food!” Lucy exclaims excitedly.

Oh you couldn’t be more wrong, be very worried Lucy, because it’s about to get real sticky in here…

Sticky and delicious!

Okay that was shithouse but it’s my one chance to crack lame jokes, the comedy police will shortly be arriving at my doorstep to arrest me. But the desserts here look superb, of course all are vegan and most are gluten free.

Taking a short breather before we launch into the sweets. The cakes here had Ash’s family going cray cray with the added health benefits of being vegan. I can see why, the sweet treats are drool worthy which made the task of choosing that much more challenging, I’ll let the photos speak for themselves…

Raw cacao walnut and buckwheat crackles

Light coffee cremé


Raw cacao and fig bliss balls (gluten free)

Raw key lime pieces (gluten free)

Raw almond cookies (gluten free)

Difficult to just pick one right? All cakes are served with a dollop of cashew cream on the side, I found it left a bitter aftertaste, if you like tahini you’ll like it but I’m not too fond of it.

Raw Key Lime Pie $7

If ever you’re in Maleny you absolutely must try the key lime pie. The crust is sweetened nuts blended and the filling, oh the filling is the most silky smooth and sings with lime flavour throughout and decorated with globes of finger lime which burst with juicy tartness. Describing it now I think I’m going to have to hunt down a recipe and make stashes of it to freeze as ‘emergency’. I find the pale green so soothing and to be greeted with a slice I imagine would be very effective at easing a stressed-out mind. Forget baking cheesecakes ever again, this raw version kicks the traditional key lime pie up the bricksides.


Chocolate Velvet Fudge (low gluten) $7

Chocolate velvet cake for those seeking a cocoa rush, when it is this velvety and dense this is how people become addicted to chocolate cake. Molten chocolate and pomegranate seeds sit atop sparkling like sun-lit jewels, the filling is similar in texture to the key lime pie, you’d think that with the deep dark chocolatey hue, that this cake is going to be rich, turns out it’s incredibly light and has the consistency of chocolate pudding without ever becoming cloying like some chocolate desserts where you have to have a glass of water on the side. Gorgeous, gorgeous cake.


Moist choc mud cake (low gluten) $7

There was more than one type of chocolate cake available and yes, we’ll have another slice of chocolate cake, why not? We’ve tried some stellar desserts which isn’t fair to this humble cake, its predecessors knocked this one back behind the others but it is still blissfully good and makes you happy.

Not all food is raw and vegan, for instance there’s the choice of having organic cow’s milk with your coffee but you can guarantee that everything is going to be fresh and lovingly made by Lucy and her team who happen to all be vegetarians! We had such a delight exploring Maple Street, lined with dozens of nice cafes and specialty shops selling vintage items, hopefully will be sightseeing more of this quaint street in the future!


Kind Living Cafe

25 Maple St,

Maleny 4552

(07) 54943277



10am – 3pm

Saturday and Sunday

8.30am – 3pm

Kind Living Cafe on Urbanspoon


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