Ippudo, Broadway

If upscale ramen is your thing, Ippudo can certainly provide an excellent standard of ramen with flair.

I found the service to be very personable, and it wasn’t just because we were invited to a tasting by Narisa from SD Marketing. The staff were very gracious towards every customer.

Homemade lemon lime and bitters $5 Iced green tea $4


Not much to report here, just unsweetened green tea and a refreshing lemon lime & bitters.

Ippudo karaage chicken - Deep fried soy marinated chicken 5pcs $7


We practically hoed into these morsels of piping-hot moist chicken in a crunchy, deep fried batter. Satisfying and tasty, we could have happily had a bucket of this.

Seared salmon sushi $13 - Bite-sized temari salmon sushi served with mentai mayo sauce and avocado.


This. Salmon sushi. Kicks arse. Here’s why: sushi rice wrapped around blow-torched slivers of salmon, topped with salty-sweet mentai (cod and pollock roe) mayonnaise, buttery avocado pieces. Smoky, creamy and umami heavy. Utterly delicious.

Akamaru special $24 - Akamaru with flavoured egg, simmered pork belly, roasted seaweed, flavoured black mushrooms, flavoured bamboo shoots and spring onions

Extra toppings that come with the special


A lick of fragrant, black garlic oil on top, a ball of miso and paprika, soy-poached egg with the yolk still runny, creamy porky broth and extra slices of fall-apart soft chashu on the side, this is indeed a special, enormous bowl of ramen. I’ve chosen to have my noodles ‘firm’ which have a slight bite to them, slurping them with the light, milky tonkotsu may not be sightly but oh man is it pleasurable. The tender fat-streaked pieces of chashu are just *sigh…* 

Tori shoyu ramen $15 - Topped with original chicken chashu, menma, leeks, naruto and nori. Chicken broth blended with special bonito extract. Served with medium wavy noodles.


The soy broth in the tori shoyu ramen is ultra-chickeny, containing densely-packed pieces of chicken chashu and fermented bamboo shoots for crunch and sourness, it’s a very good, savoury alternative to tonkotsu ramen if you don’t want to eat pork.

Blue mountains $13 - Parfait with green tea ice cream, red beans, mandarin oranges and apricots


Despite complaining of a full stomach, I made an order for dessert and finished it too. The ice cream was light in matcha flavour, the sweet red adzuki bean paste, and the apricots macerated in sparkling wine, felt sharp and citrusy on the tongue. I’m not sure why it’s called Blue Mountains. The irony perhaps?

Ippudo Central Park on Urbanspoon

Opening hours

Mon-Sat: 11:00am-9:00pm
Sunday: 11:00am-9:00pm


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