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I’ve been to the Sunshine Coast four times in my life, three of those trips have been made in the span of this year alone. My flight records reveal that after each semester of uni I’ve hopped on a plane to Maroochydore airport. Not a revelation really, keeping away from education institutions during holidays is a fact and I always look forward to the end of a gruelling term that studying Media generates.

On this visit, Buderim provides the latest in raw/vegan, the Ground Organic Cafe, in addition to being raw and vegan, Ground Organic Cafe is dairy free, gluten free, egg free, peanut free, cane sugar free, soy free and free from preservatives and additives.

Raw vegan food is usually associated with an ethical, health conscious style of living, which usually means it’ll be organic to boot too. At Ground Organic Cafe , you can feed both yourself and your wellbeing, the thought that you have done your body and the planet good, is enough to mentally induce health, and mind power is a powerful tool that has assisted people in achieving seemingly unimaginable feats like working with animation.* Fact.

* Animation, stop motion, frame-by-frame, rotoscoping… is frustratingly difficult of which I have an admiration for those who work with it as I cannot muster the patience required for it.


Pretty sure Santa eats organic, how else do you explain that ridiculous lifespan?

Ecolife biodegradable cup

All plates used in the cafe are from Ecolife made from a mixture of vegetable waste of corn starch, bamboo and rice husks. They’re just as sturdy as your average cup, and once planted in the ground, break down within 2-3 years.

Elevator *mood enhancer* (banana, cacao, dates & almonds) $7.90

Part of the range of cold drinks called the Superfoods Elixirs, are made with a nutritious blend of raw organic coconut and spring water. Altogether it’s a refreshing way of giving your system a boost of electrolytes and all in a convenient tasty concoction. Other flavours that pique our interest are the Kahuna Matata (banana, coconut oil & hawaiin noni) for beauty and immunity and the Daily Green (mixed greens, kiwifruit, apple, chia & chlorella) to purify and protect.

Special: Raw 'Christmas' Cheesecake

MsBrulee would like to shout out to co-owners James and Monique who let us have a piece of the raw Christmas cheesecake. It is a sweet, sticky filling of lime, spirulina, coconut, and cashews with a raspberry & chia seed topping dressed with a pool of crunchy, fruity raspberry sauce. This cake, amongst other flavours can be ordered whole in time for Christmas, just contact Ground via facebook to place your order if you’re fortunate to live in the area. Lucky Sunshine Coast residents…

Like Ground on facebook to keep updated with the latest happenings and also receive regular feel good status updates.

Non-conventional ingredients can be pricier than commonly used ingredients like flour or white sugar, but the long-term benefits of a healthy diet far outweigh the costs (and trouble) of fixing a broken body, so eat better, it just makes sense.

Herb garden out the front

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