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Good Food & Wine Show, Sydney

Sometimes I wish I’d been born earlier so I could experience some things sooner, if my dad had knocked my mum up about a decade earlier, (before you ask, yes the visceral imagery is necessary) I would be very happy growing up listening to great music like Queen and Marvin Gaye not the flavourless trash in contemporary music today that generally lacks real emotion, a certain floppy haired individual comes to mind. Part of me also just wishes to have started doing things sooner, like when the first Good Food & Wine Show debuted in 2001, I’ve read numerous blogs with slight jealousy about Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay headlining the show in recent years, but I have to speak for myself, only posting every few weeks is not good enough I don’t know why it’s taken me ’til now to write this post, this was my very first time to the Food Show, sincerest gratitude to Eliane for purchasing a ticket to Manu Fieldel’s private dining experience to which I attended during the Good Food & Wine Show, you can read and ogle all about it here.

There are four in our foodie group, Ash, Eliane, Elana and myself arrive and begin waiting in the ever growing queue, because you know, when you’re travelling in a group you can alert other members of good freebies. We’re about an hour early before doors officially open but this is all a part of the plan to nab some good freebies. Our eagerness is rewarded when two people wheel out portable blue eskys to offer a variety of Chobani yogurt. They were thick and creamy and each tub had a decent layer of fruit at the bottom.

Lisa hands out free Chobani yogurt

Organic Momo's Meals

We stumbled upon some more healthy food at the Momo’s Meals stand, when we drop by they have the baked beans soups ready but are heating up the risotto and other soups. I sampled their baked beans chorizo and smoked paprika which tastes tangy and is full of beans and a vegetable blend, I can imagine it would suit a wintry day with comfort.

Veggie packed baked beans soup

Chocolate couple

And onwards, a jewel of a stand, Chocome have a strikingly beautiful stand of chocolates, so eye-catching they are like edible art and I wanted to pick up each and every single block to admire. I’m afraid I didn’t get the lovely owner’s names but I will definitely remember their chocolates. Some common adornments are dried strawberries, lilac flower petals, macadamias, one truly decadent flavour has gold leaf and shavings of coconut, their most popular is the raspberry, pistachio and pink peppercorn set in fine dark chocolate. Along with samples, they let me have their photo as well :)

Plump juicy tomatoes


Eliane recalls how last year’s GFWS featured only a few cheese stands and that caused complaints so this year they’ve included an entire alley devoted to cheese and it’s delightful to be able to attend the first cheese alley.

Cheese platters for tasting

Massive balls of caciocavallo cheese

Cheesemaker: Giorgio Linguanti

Giorgio is the cheesemaker for That’s Amore Cheese, after a bit of research, I found out that he’s self taught! Here’s a link to photos of him handmaking some mozzarella, it will take you to a favourite food blog of mine, Grab Your Fork. He also makes cheeses for La Latteria in Melbourne and after speaking to him, I let him know I’m a blogger and he invites me to their Alexandria store, thanks Giorgio I will hopefully see you soon!

Demo with Barilla

These photos are actually a chronological timeline of when and where we visited that day, right about now, I headed off to Manu’s private dining and Eliane, Ash and Elana scored some free tickets to George Coloumbaris’ live demonstration ‘The Tree of Life’ from what they recounted to me, it involved the making of mashed potatoes with 400grams of mash and 200grams of butter.

Adrian Richardson 's Secret Meat Business: in fine risotto action

Stopping by the chef’s table, is Adrian Richardson cooking up some risotto

Adrian reveals to the crowd how when he was a young’n, he was entrusted with shaving parmesan cheese over freshly cooked meals, and how his family always used blocks of parmesan, never pre-shaved and he recommends us to do so as well because the aroma is preserved and to use a microplane to grate with risottos as that ensures a delicate coating of cheese.

Adrian and sausage casing

Adrian and his sausage casing balloon

He demonstrates the length of the casing by filling it up with his own breath, trails it around the tasting area whilst making a sausage joke.

Adrian and my asian flush

By this point all the alcohol consumed during the private dining had well and truly entered my bloodstream and it showed on my face, I’m sure when I spoke to Adrian afterwards I would’ve smelt like I’d been doused in wine. Nevertheless Adrian very kindly had a photo with me after his cooking demonstration, thanks Adrian!

All around me

Food festival goers

The very popular Aldi stand

One of the attendants tells us that Aldi have had their range of cheeses and wines for some time now yet consumers aren’t aware of them, as you can see samples were flying everywhere as hordes of people set out to try Aldi’s nice range of soft cheeses, wines and beers.

Aldi's triple cream brie $5.99 for 200g

Aldi’s Emporium triple cream brie is a favourite, it’s quite tasty, creamy and has a slightly smelly factor that comes with all delicious cheeses.

Cured sausages

Soy sauce desserts

Salt in desserts isn’t new, even desserts with soy are quite common in vegan desserts, but soy sauce in desserts? How quirky, I must investigate about this some more by undertaking some experiments in my kitchen :)

The Chopping Block: Cook off

There was a food bloggers cook off at 12:30 on the day we were there, unfortunately and despairingly I missed it as I would have loved to have watched it.

Scabbing some deli delights

Busy Maggie Beer stand

Creating a curry out of leftovers

Chef's Table: Miguel Maestre

Inventor of the beer backpack party tube

Aussie Beer & Party Tubes are self serve, self cooling, drink dispensers that can hold up to 3 litres of your favourite beverage. Perfect for the footy and any other time really,

Ash’s testimonial: it will make you the most popular person at the party.

iPhone costume

This app the Australian Good Food and Travel Guide is free on iTunes, AGFG users review restaurants and compare prices. To promote the app, is a fella who had been wearing an iPhone costume all day, so feeling sorry for him Ash gave him some much needed nespresso, he appreciated it as you can see for yourself.

There were so many stands to visit we didn’t get to visit them all, and there were so many demonstrations to watch that we’d missed nevertheless I had so much fun at this year’s GFWS am really looking forwards to 2013!




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