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Gastro Park, Potts Point

Modern fine dining with an edgy rock star vibe

I think Gastro Park is a bit rock star because the waiters wear skinny black jeans, the light bulbs are mismatching and the dishes use liquid nitrogen galore.

I’m so incredibly fortunate that I have the means to enjoy such an extravagant 10 course degustation with my partner for their birthday. And overall I really did enjoy it. There were just some minor issues that could have sullied the experience.. Granted, the waiters looked after us very well, even presenting us with a balloon for the birthday occasion.

For my entree Seared lobster, coconut, apple, sorrel, kaffir lime Ash cannot eat shellfish, instead this was substituted for some grilled cos lettuce leaves. Which seems like a huge cop out as I’m sure you’ll agree. Swap protein for protein but don’t offer something that’s a step down in value as an alternative, especially when the other party has received a gorgeous piece of lobster. We can eat meat – give us some meat please.

Liquid butternut gnocchi is served in a heady mushroom broth. The mushroom is so strong it overpowers the butternut gnocchi which I’m against – because I think the emphasis should really be on the pumpkin since that’s what the dish is called.

In place of the Scallop & pomegranate ceviche Ash’s substitution dish Duck terranova was excellent – a dumpling of intense duck flavour that burst when bitten into.

The mains fared the best, robust proteins like 48 hours slow cooked Riverina beef short rib, smoked eggplant, peas, pods, pickles and Roasted pork belly, QLD spanner crab, carrot, pork pebbles were combined with a supporting cast of textures and flavours. All the crunch and meatiness you could possibly want was provided.

Of the two desserts, one was fabulous, but one was a let down – I’ll get into that later. But first, the snacks!

First off: Three snacks

Beef tomato

Wagyu grissini sticks shaved pecorino

Scallop & pomegranate ceviche

Duck terra nova – Ash’s substitution dish

Seared lobster, coconut, apple, sorrel, kaffir lime

Liquid butternut gnocchi, mushroom consomme

Steamed bass groper, southern calamari, braised shitake

Roasted pork belly, QLD spanner crab, carrot, pork pebbles,

48 hours slow cooked Riverina beef short rib, smoked eggplant, peas, pods, pickles

Sheep’s milk yogurt, strawberry, and pink grapefruit icy pop

Robata pineapple, yuzu ice cream, buttermilk, fennel

Bright vibrant flavours – this dessert just perks you right up.


Chocolate, honeycomb & vanilla sphere, cardamom, saffron, ginger

Whilst it looked beautiful, the wafting liquid nitrogen tendrils lending it a space age feel – I think the below minus centigrade temperature caused the mouthfeel of the chocolate sphere to become too waxy, the cardamom saffron custard drops seemed at odds with the ginger crumb and the melting vanilla interior was just, well…vanilla. Quite a jarring ensemble of textures and flavours that just didn’t work.

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