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Customs House Bar, Circular Quay

Customs House Bar are a gastro-pub and have released a new menu just in time for Sydney’s spring season.


Next to the Marriott hotel, Customs House Bar is one of the oldest bars, established in 1846. Manager Mirza Baig and head chef Hemant Dadlani have released a new gastro-pub menu. Split in four distinct sections headlined under foodies, local market, pub grub and shares there’s something for everyone.

MsBrulee dined as guests of Customs House Bar. Opinons however are my own. 

Friday nights = cocktails. Not being much of a drinker, thankfully we have the extremely knowledgable bartender, Kelsie to help us decide on our poisons that evening.

                    Avela Sour – Frangelico, amaretto, lemon & chocolate bitters $19 

An awesome drink, I even ate the dried slice of lemon. Reader, please be advised that I’m hardly a drinker so I can only appreciate the flavours at best. This cocktail has a great balance between sweet and sour, with an aftertaste of creamy chocolate.


                Cloudy apple breeze – Bison vodka, apple & cranberry $21

Equally delicious is this cloudy apple breeze with the cranberry dominating the beverage, the Bison vodka is just faintly detectable, which is perfect for a non-drinker like me who is easing into the wonderful world of cocktails.


             Typical flatlay: I felt very brave standing on my chair to photograph this thanks to the cocktails and wine


                Market fish ceviche – spiced rubbed, tequila & lime marinda $16

The fish used for the ceviche differs from day to day. Tonight it is kingfish, cubes of it is tossed in a refreshing lime and tequila marinade, it is lip-smackingly good with house made corn chips.


                   Reichsgraf Von Kesselstatt Riesling $12 glass/$55 bottle

Another one of Kelsie’s recomendations, this wine from Mosel, Germany was selected as its fruity flavours of plum, peach and blood orange complemented our starter ceviche.



                   Braised galangal beef short ribs $21 - slow cooked, seasonal market vegetables, pine nut salt

Fall apart, tender soft, mouth-watering, aromatic beef ribs. I don’t need to insert any more synonyms for delicious so I’ll just say it was all demolished within literally seconds.


                   Parmesan fries – truffle mayonnaise $9

Seeing truffle anything on a menu and I’ll have to try it. These fungi excite me because of their unique flavour, I mean just what exactly does it taste of? Still cannot decide for myself. There’s no real truffle but in fact truffle oil is used to permeate the mayonnaise, (I will take what I can get)  it’s luxurious for dipping thick cut fries dusted with shavings of pungent, salty parmesan.


               San Daniele Proscuitto – rock melon, goats milk yoghurt ‘labneh’, baby herbs $16

Classic flavours of proscuitto and rock melon, the rock melon I tried was particularly sweet. You kind of have a deli board here, ‘cleanse’ your palate with some toast spread thick with labneh, that wonderful tangy cheese made from yoghurt.


                      Grilled corella pear & witlof salad – spiced pecans, south cape blue cheese, burnt fig vinaigrette $17

Sliced witlof leaves in a fresh vinaigrette dressing, caramelly grilled corella pears, crunchy spiced pecans that are rolled in sugar, and dotted with funky blue cheese make a delicious, light salad. It’s a habit of mine to eat decoratives in dishes so I ate the witlof leaves surrounding the salad which are too bitter to eat on their own, but  - I take full responsibility of my actions.


                      Jack Daniels, peanut butter, Nutella, Flake bars, Reese’s pieces 

You can have a grown-up version of an OTT milkshake to end your night on a guiltily sweet note. The Jack Daniels is so strong in this, I couldn’t have more than a few sips before leaving it behind. The milkshake flavour changes every now and then so just ask and I’d also suggest knowing what level of alcohol you’d like in yours.

Customs House Bar – hella good grub and grog

Opening hours:

Monday – Friday: 11 a.m. to late evening (Food is served from noon to 9 p.m.)


Customs House Bar - Marriott Sydney Harbour Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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