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Breakfast at Sokyo, The Star Casino, Pyrmont

The word responsibility keeps circling around in my head. I feel as if life has smacked me in the face and when people ask me for my age I inadvertently sigh. What’s happening to me? I must be turning twenty three. My consolation? A breakfast at Sokyo.

Having yet another birthday doesn’t have to hurt , some great food and company make the aging pains all go away. Sokyo’s restaurant manager, Alex, is a very friendly guy and throughout the morning is superbly hospitable. Even before I tell him it’s my birthday we easily strike up a conversation about the Sokyo experience that’s quickly becoming popular with Sydney siders and when I reveal why we’re actually here, he quickly organises some champagne ‘because that’s what we do on birthdays!’ Champagne on birthdays! Yes, I can toast to that.

Birthday bubbles because I’m old now

Here are the three breakfast options you can have at Sokyo:

Full continental buffet, an “a la carte” dish and a tea or a coffee $38
Full continental buffet and a tea or a coffee $28
An “a la carte” dish, a tea or a coffee and a juice from the buffet $22.50

The buffet has mostly cold food except for the congee, only the a la carte menu contains hot meals, peruse it for yourself here.

Fruit juice in sake bottles


 Single serve muesli and yoghurt 

Varieties of yoghurt w/ fresh fruit jam


Clockwise from top left – pain au chocolat, the buffet, congee station


I chose Sokyo because of this drawcard: all you can eat continental buffet. Spread out alongside the kitchen is a cornucopia of fresh fruit, yoghurt, muesli, an assortment of deli meats, smoked salmon, pastrami, ham, cheeses, brie and , soba noodles with dashi, included also is a ‘Japanese congee’ station with customisable toppings and a range of single-serve boxed cereals, in coco pops and corn flakes to satisfy those palates. Pastries look mouth-watering and cover a wide range of, not limited to: chocolate croissants, pain au chocolat and adorable little muffins, All the pastries are made in-house and naturally I sampled as much of everything as I could.


What went on my platter from the continental buffet

Plenty of pastrami to sample

Yuzu, white chocolate and berry danish


This was my highlight from the buffet – danishes with an assortment of fruit and yuzu curd which just tasted amazing. As soon as I brought this to my mouth, the smell struck me immediately. It’s heavenly. The yuzu, for those of you who don’t know, is a citrus fruit, commonly described as being a hybrid of grapefruit and mandarin. Maybe it’s because I don’t frequently eat yuzu, that might be why I find it so exotic. The yuzu is so good with the flaky pastry and it perfumed the surrounding air with an uplifting scent – save room for one of these. Or two or four.

Green tea white choc chip muffin

Black sesame muffin


Another highlight from the buffet are these bite-sized Japanese flavoured muffins in yuzu curd, green tea and black sesame. If you like Japanese dessert flavours, you’ll really like these, I for one, love them. The green tea and black sesame ones especially as they’re strong in taste so they all disappeared from my plate.


Eggs Benedict, poached egg, edamame, brioche, miso hollandaise (sans streaky bacon)


Ash tells me the brioche was ‘so so good’, the hollandaise very buttery, and the eggs, poached perfectly. Our waitress, Sai, pointed out that what we thought were roe are actually spherified yuzu balls. Sai took the time to explain every element of the dishes and made us feel so welcome, look out for her if you’re there, and tell her she’s the best.



Alex organised for the waitstaff to surprise me with a birthday fruit platter and surrounded our table as they sang me happy birthday. Loud enough for the entire casino to hear. I was very touched from the bittersweet and thoughtful gesture – thanks guys, you’ve made this old timer feel so special. Speaking of specials, we were treated to the special of the day.


Special of the day – Grilled smoked trout, house made croissant, asparagus, radish, micro shiso, tartare


On this particular day the special is grilled smoked trout, crisp asparagus, tangy tartare and salmon roe sandwiched between croissant halves. It’s a wonderfully buttery croissant, thin crispy shell, really light and fluffy inside. Croissant connoisseurs Ash and Eliane comment that they are the best croissants they’ve had outside of France. The accompanying salad is dressed with white soy, yuzu, and a sprinkle of sesame seeds. Delectable!


Rooibos blood orange iced tea $6

The iced teas are available a la carte, Alex generously let me sample one for review. This blood orange iced tea is only made the day before so it doesn’t become bitter, blood orange puree is rounded off with sugar syrup and lemon and is not cloying or too sweet and very refreshing.

The breakfast menu is great for special occasions or you can come here on any other day if you so choose. Either way, you’ll be the very happy recipient of top notch service and high quality produce. For the competitive price, you can get a taste of some fine cuisine and eat to your heart’s content or until your stomach billows. I guarantee you, I am definitely going to be back again, for lunch and dinner!

MsBrulee and company dined as partly-funded guests (opportunity provided by Sokyo and Echo Entertainment marketing) Opinions however are my own. 

Opening hours

Breakfast daily 7am to 10.30am
Lunch Friday 12pm to 2.30pm
Dinner Mon – Wed 5.30 to 9.30pm
Thur to Sat 5.30pm to 10.30pm
Closed on Sundays

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