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Brasserie Bread (plus an update on absence!)

Dearest readers, you may have noticed my absence from this blog, I didn’t mean to neglect you I’m not making excuses when I tell you I’m balancing uni from Mondays -Wednesdays plus work Thursdays – Sundays as well as this blog. Also had a horrible week in my personal life but have relished the time off and keen to get back on the blog bandwagon. I am astonished with the reaction I’m receiving from this blog, with Lorraine from Not Quite Nigella (I’m such a massive fan) and Christie from Fig & Cherry commenting on my Tan Ky post :) coupled with the enormous amount of page views received, I want you to know, whoever you are, that I’m very thankful for the time you’ve given up to hang around this blog and to those who subscribed, an even bigger thank you, each view and subscription is extremely encouraging to me and very appreciated.

To end the hiatus, without further adieu, I present to you, food porn aplenty!

So the first time we bought pastries from Brasserie I was in a hurry to get to work on time and left the box of pastries in the boot of Ash’s car, when I remembered I told him to eat them and not let them spoil, however this meant I had yet to try them and that’s what our second visit was about. There isn’t much parking space outside their Banksmeadow location so he waited in the car while I made the ‘one’ purchase.

“Get the cake and I’ll wait outside” He lends me some money, but once I’m standing in front of their mouth-watering cake display and at the $20 note in my hand, I quickly reconsidered.

“Didn’t I say one cake?”

“I know you did, but I’ll pay you back.” I chose to buy more than one because I wanted to make sure I had plenty to taste for the blog =P and also to ensure that there were plenty of these long awaited sweet treats all to myself. I’m not that selfish a partner, I gave him  a bite of each…

Apricot nectarine tart $5

I was very drawn to the presentation, glossy apricot halves, glistened on top of a mound of eggy custard and when my teeth sank into the tart it was…soggy, I disliked the mushy texture and the tart’s unexciting apricot flavour was disappointing and because of those reasons, it was my least favourite.


Chocolate caramel tart $5

Just look at it! How your tastebuds must be torturing you right now, I can understand, right now, mine are too as I’m typing this. Well allow me the pleasure of recalling the joyful experience of devouring this chocolate-heavy beauty.

The shortcrust pastry from Brasserie is the same in all three cakes we tried, they hold really well, are gorgeously buttery and so crumbly when you bite into them. No wonder the girl at the counter put on 6 kilos in 3 months, how do you say no to such lovely food after work? The dark chocolate ganache was just divine, I was really into the next few mouthfuls as the caramel is as described, delightfully runny and slightly bitter. A stunning tart.

Dark chocolate ganache, dripping caramel sauce...*drool*


White chocolate & lemon meringue $7

This cake is the only one I bought two of because Ash declared it foodgasmic and there was no way I’d have less than an entire one. At long last, its golden lemony filling, and impressive meringue all mine… then all of a sudden, PLOP! Whilst readjusting my seat I’d tilted the cake and the meringue just slid off the surface of the cake. It was scooped up carefully and deposited back onto its former lemony home, although looking deflated, it still held its foodgasmic properties.

Splat so close to my hideous bartending shoes

I would also like you to meet Chino,  one of Ash’s family cats, he looks frightening at first, but turns out he’s the friendliest kitty in the world, aside from having a penchant for beheading wild rabbits, I’d say he’s the loveliest bundle of darkness you could ever ask for.

I spy a rabbit...

Isn’t he adorable? I promise to have the next post up real soon, or no ice cream for me.

Phone: 1300 966 845

Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday: 7.00am-3.00pm
Saturday and Sunday: 8.00am-2.00pm
Public Holiday: Closed

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