Ginger brulee tart $5

Bourke Street Bakery, Surry Hills

Only one week ago I was churning out close to 5000 words for the end of semester, to complete them properly and actually pass those assessments involved many days of ham and cheese toasties for lunch because the effort to cook anything was non-existent. Those taking double degrees in engineering, law or commerce and just all round useful studies are screwing up your noses right now at a 9 hr/week media education. In typical gen y fashion my commitment to falling behind is truly commendable, I reward myself for writing 200 words with an hour of surfing food blogs, rather than stagnantly essaying, some other activities I’ve taken up:

-       playing dress ups, eliciting family members to ask “how old are you?”

-       making countless flavoured frozen yogurts, I say to summer, bring it.

-       watching hilarious clips of cats being bothered by puppies 

-       learning Bear Grylls survival tactics and imagining myself devouring a live long-horned beetle 

-       refreshing facebook feeds (helping students procrastinate since 2004)

-       tuning out to Last Dinosaurs  – In A Million Years

42 minutes of roaring great music

Last Dinosaurs are an Aussie indie band from Brissie, I have their love song Weekend on replay, these lyrics are so simple yet sentimental:

With her voice she said

I’d die for you any day

My life’s over anyway

Let’s go to the empty park

And talk til it’s really dark

Their music is lush green palms, sun-drenched psychedelic guitars and a vintage camera on the side to capture it all, it’s good to see great music come so far, so check it, and I mean their music as well as the stylish band members.

Now that the torrent of work that is the end of semester is finally over, I have approximately one month until I return to uni for the summer session, that time will be spent very sparingly, to catch up on books, movies and all-rounded chilling out. And above all to visit Bourke Street Bakery. My god have I been pining for their pastries the entire time. Bourke Street Bakery have an enormous following, which is apparent on any given day during the peak periods, there will be a line snaking out the tiny shop, spilling onto the sidewalk and people consistently joining the queue because their service is that quick and efficient.

I still require reminding that my hardships are minuscule in comparison to others’, that instead I’m just in real Struggle Street Bakery and have no idea what it’s truly like to be juggling a 20+ hours/week uni workload so I  should just shut my whiny trap until I’ve endured some genuine hardships.

mushroom and goats cheese quiche $4.50

More cheese than mushroom and that is absolutely fine, because the filling is moist and creamy, this manages to be light yet filling, and if in reach, would make me look forward to my lunch breaks. While this quiche feels quite alone being the one savoury item in this post, this however, shall only remain temporary.

Passionfruit meringue tart $5.50

A soft demure meringue tops a subtly passionfruit flavoured custard, the meringue is quite firmly affixed, being especially careful also helps so as to avoid a repeat of this happening. 

Ginger brulee tart $5

Having consumed a considerable mixture amount of eggs, sugar and butter already, I am a person of balance so another sweet pastry should even out the other. The brulee tart toffee top shatters into pieces when bitten into, which crunch satisfyingly as you make your way through this sweet and tasty package, the hints of ginger in this warm you up as you eat.

Cross section: real vanilla bean seeds are used

This photo demonstrates Bourke Street Bakery’s distinctive dark brown pastry, their pastry is deliberately baked darker, becoming caramelised and flaky.

In my month off before I return to uni for the summer session, I plan to make many more visits for quality baked treats, they matter to this one frustrated media student.



Bourke Street Bakery on Urbanspoon

Opening hours:

Mon to Fri 7am – 6pm
Sat to Sun 8am – 5pm


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