Black by ezard, The Star, Pyrmont

I generally blog cheap or middle-of-the-range restaurants, on the rare occasion I’ll splurge on a fancy meal for a special event. I hadn’t planned ahead for our anniversary dinner so I desperately made a reservation at Black by ezard just a week shy of our special date.

Initially I scoffed at the smaller-sounding 7 course degustation offered by Black when Testuya’s offered 12. How wrong I was to assume that we would still be hungry, because by the last course, the petit fours, even 6”2 Ash struggled to eat an entire macaron.

There is nothing about Black to critique, my partner and I were happily plied with gorgeous matching wines, excellent food and incredibly accommodating staff (I was sick and Ash doesn’t eat shellfish or pork), even at $120pp and matching wines at $60pp I would gladly relive the Black experience again and again. What was surprising was that Ash and the sommelier went to the same high school and on top of that, he was moving to Denmark to work at, oh, only what’s regarded the best restaurant in the world, Noma!

Complimentary brioche, volcanic black sea salt & butter

Do as we did and tear chunks of the warm, buttery bun with your hands, slather with some silky smooth, creamy butter and a sprinkle of inky black sea salt. Divine. We were strongly discouraged against having another serve, a warning which we should have heeded but ignored.

Sashimi hiramasa kingfish, sesame custard, edamame puree, chardonnay and shallot dressing

I absolutely loved this amuse bouche and goodness, the combination of flavours were incredible and unlike anything I’d ever tasted before. There were all these little accents like the crunchy beige seeds and edamame puree against the cool kingfish sashimi that worked so well altogether.

Prawns chilled spencer gulf, roasted chilli dressing, avocado, salad of young coconut, mango, grapefruit, thai basil and crispy shallots

Beef tartare

The prescribed entree is the prawns but the kitchen didn’t mind replacing the prawn entrée with a steak tartare for Ash. I actually preferred the steak tartare by a long mile as I found the sauce of my prawn dish very sweet and vinegary, perhaps it’s just a taste I’m not accustomed to. As for the steak tartare, it was marinated in a medley of asian-inspired flavours we found the red skin blanketing the tartare didn’t have a taste to it so it’s probably just for presentation purposes.

Yes I took a picture of hot water

Our waiter considerately provided me with hot water and lemon all night because I was coming down with something, it wasn’t ideal to get sick on our anniversary but I made sure I didn’t get too sick that evening.

Organic farm egg, potato cream, iberico jamón, herb salad

This was my favourite dish of the night, I loved the poached egg with the runny yolk enrobed in a nest of crispy potato, perched atop some rich, creamy potato mash against the salty  iberico jamón. Mmhmm…

Ocean trout herb crusted witlof, black garlic jam, parsley emulsion, parsnip puree, fish crackle

Perfectly cooked ocean trout with a buttery parsnip puree, this was just a delicious, well arranged dish.

Rumpcap grain fed wagyu MBS 9+, buttered désirée puree, marrow and shallot sauce

The rumpcap is from the human equivalent area of where people get a tramp stamp, which our waiter demonstrated by turning around and gesturing to us his lower back.  With a marbling score of 9, the rumpcap literally melted on the tongue and the accompanying marrow & shallot sauce was marvelously, lip-smackingly superb.

Chocolate warm couverture ganache, dulce de leche ice cream, peanut butter mousse


We mentioned to our waiter that it was our anniversary in the beginning of the evening, he remembered this and so in a wonderful show of hospitality, our dessert plates have ‘Happy Anniversary’ piped in melted chocolate. This dessert arrives appearing like a sphere of chocolate, that is, until the waiter pours a jug of melted chocolate onto it and the sight of it caving in on itself was quite phenomenal. The dulce de leche ice cream was bloody fantastic, I only left some dark chocolate shell behind because I was going to explode if I had another mouthful.

Coffee and petit fours

By this point in the evening I couldn’t fit in anymore food so I surreptitiously wrapped them in some tissue paper with the intention of saving them for later on. During the drive home they got lost in the car. I haven’t been able to recover them since and I’m so annoyed about this because they were truly gorgeous little morsels that I didn’t get to try.

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‘Til next time lovelies~
MsBrulee xx


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