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Limited time: All You Can Eat Sushi for $29 at Sushi Hub Sydney CBD

Sushi Hub Sydney CBD have recently brought out an all you can eat sushi deal for dinner. That’s right! All the sushi you can eat for an entire 60 minutes. This offer is only available until the 19th July so it’s ending in five days.

So dear readers, brace your stomachs. Here’s what $29 will get you:

- all sushi and sashimi
- unlimited udon
- dessert
- one drink (nothing special, just your standard coke, lemonade, flavoured water)

What really surprised me was having salmon and tuna sashimi plates as part of the all you can eat dinner. This seemed like a great deal to me so I snapped them up every time I saw them on the conveyor. Other diners had the same thought, so there was always a shortage of sashimi plates. The other food was replenished quickly though, I avoided the seaweed salads and deep fried food because they were mostly starchy. As I was eating strategically, I aimed to fill up on pricier items like sashimi, aburi salmon and seafood. For those preferring deep fried food, there was plenty of deep fried gyoza, takoyaki and chicken karaage.

The vinegared rice used was just how I like it, a balance between sweet and sour. If you find it’s not to your taste, I don’t see why you can’t just eat the topping and leave the rice behind. I did this towards the end of the meal as I just couldn’t bear to eat any more rice.

I enquired about ordering food from the menu and staff told me that whatever was on the train was part of the all you can eat, however, they were willing to take orders. I noticed hand rolls didn’t feature on the train but a little placard advertised them on the sushi train. The same goes for the dessert, you have to place an order with staff. There were only three dessert options, green tea and black sesame ice cream, green tea mochi and coconut rice sushi with fresh fruits which wasn’t available.


I couldn’t turn down chicken karaage even though it was deep fried. Tender and juicy soy marinated chicken in a crunchy batter and lashings of kewpie mayonnaise. Don’t leave it too long in the plastic covering otherwise the steam will render the batter slightly soggy, while it still tastes great, is not ideal.

Staff came to let us know when we had 15 minutes remaining and this is where I activated Kobayashi mode. I hunted down as many of my favourites, the sashimi plates and nigiri as I could.

Mochi with rice pop and fruit sauce

The mochi was dough-like in consistency, and didn’t have the chewiness it’s known for. The green tea sprinkles were quite bitter and the filling tasted like sweet, green tea paste.

While both the green tea and black sesame ice cream tasted good, they were grainy in texture which I don’t think is preferable to a completely smooth texture.

I had about 14 plates, which is definitely more than I would consume normally at a regular sushi train, added to that, dessert and icecream, I had a great value dinner, evidenced here:


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