All-you-can-eat Korean BBQ at Live restaurant, George St

Warning: Non-meat consumers, the following post contains graphic images of the carnage wreaked one bloody evening. Viewing of the meat feast is at your own risk. MsBrulee will not take responsibility for any lost appetite but doesn’t mind if you leave comments about how delicious cooked flesh is.

Images of raw meat dripping wet in marinade does not look pretty but is soooo delicious once it is spitting on the bbq.

When an incredible deal was offered for 8 people for $169 to enjoy an all-you-can-eat Korean style bbq with miso soup as well as Korean beer or soft drink per person. The proud tightass in me just had to grab it without even considering if 7 friends would be available, fortunately every spot was able to be filled. These spots had to go to those with military endurance for 90 minutes.

They are:

  1. yours truly (Ms Brulee)
  2. Ash
  3. Tracey
  4. Fiona
  5. Sarina
  6. Vincent
  7. Julie
  8. And Richie

I planned the evening a few months in advance because everyone has conflicting schedules and this night was the one time they were free.

Live Restaurant is located off George Street, on Albion Lane, It’s somewhat tricky to find if you’ve never been there before, a few members of our gang had difficulty getting to Live, which had me ferrying the lost back and forth from Town Hall station. If you can find the Albion Place pub, then you’re very close. Restaurant staff were very friendly and accommodating even when two members of our group were up to half a hour late for our booking, our waiter made sure that every single person received their drinks as stated on the deal.

Share a drink with your Mates: Hite

miso soup

Bowls of warming miso soup arrived first, the combination of fermented soy, dashi, enoki, tofu, wakame and scallions makes a great winter warmer and is suited to the frosty  air we’re experiencing tonight.

The way it works here is each person gets their own plate to pile up with tender cuts of marinated beef, pork or seafood and you bring your loot back to the table to be barbecued.  We took turns scavenging the self-serve buffet, sweet potato slices were smoky and really popular at our table but they took ages to cook.

plate of meat

big pieces of ribs

as wide as the stove top!

more meatiness!

browned and crispy

calamari rings

To freshen our meat-laden tastebuds, we also had plenty of mixed salad, creamy potato salad, steamed vegetables, kimchi and one of my favourite snacks tteokbokki. It’s Korean rice sticks smothered in sweet chilli and tomato sauce, the texture is similar to Japanese mochi, the tteakbokki here is just right and has the slight chewiness from pounded glutinous rice that I love.


The un-marinated meat here looked very red and fresh we cooked so much that with just 10 minutes to go before our time was up, my friends were stuffed to the brim, there were still plates of untouched cooked meat. I was worried management would try and charge us for the wastage and I hate wasting perfectly edible food, There was a lot leftover, everyone doubted I could finish there was just too much for a 5’2” girl But Ash told everyone I could eat like a caged lion starved for days and that little ounce of belief gave me the support needed so with the entire cohort watching, I ploughed onwards, mouthful after mouthful of ribs, flank, rump, whatever. In my mind I was like Kobayashi, in reality I only got through half of the plate, I would’ve been able to eat twice as fast if only my mouth isn’t as small as it is. Still, we had a wonderful time picking and cooking our meals, most of the meat is marbled so I’d recommend cooking the fattier cuts first so the leaner cuts don’t stick to the bbq and burn.

We dashed out of the restaurant because our time limit was up, I forgot to take a photo of the cut up fruit as they don’t do dessert here, I understand that photographs of fruit isn’t that interesting! But to me a post just wouldn’t feel complete without a sample of everything a venue had to offer. From what I recall there were oranges and rockmelons sliced into neat handheld portion and purple grapes still on the vine.

Click here for the second part, the dessert post!

1/7 Albion Place, Sydney NSW 2000

(02) 9261 0404

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